Fingerprints Frequently Asked Questions

  • Below are some frequently asked questions about fingerprints.  If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources.

  • Why do we require fingerprint record checks?
    Fingerprint-based background checks help to safeguard our children and strengthen public confidence in the integrity of education. Fingerprint record checks are just one part of the rigorous process by which we select teaching, administrative, support and technical staff.

    Who do we fingerprint?

    Any individual who will have regular, unsupervised access to children. Anyone seeking certified or classified employment in Bethel School District No. 403. Anyone working as a contractual employee for employers listed in one of the above.

    What does a fingerprint record check cost? Do I pay? And, how do I pay?

    There is a $43.00 fee for processing. Fees are payable by check or money order, made payable to O.S.P.I.

    Why does it take so long?

    The WSP and FBI process ALL fingerprints, including cards submitted by law enforcement agencies for criminal investigations. Neither BSD nor OSPI have any control over the length of time it takes to process fingerprints, as the Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation are separate agencies.

    How long are my fingerprint records valid?

    One year from the clearance date we receive from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). You will not need to be reprinted unless there is a break in employment.

    Will I have to get new fingerprints every two years?

    By law, if you have completed a fingerprint record check through WSP and the FBI within the previous two years, the school employer may waive the requirement. If you change school district employers, and if your previous record check is more than one year old, you must provide a new fingerprint record check.

    Can I provide fingerprint record check results I had done for another government agency, the military, or for a gun permit, (or other) as a substitute for BSD’s fingerprint check?

    No. Washington State law does not allow substitute versions of any fingerprint record checks. The law is detailed here, WAC 392.300 and RCW 28A.400.

    Who receives my fingerprint results?

    WSP/FBI send the results of fingerprint record checks to OSPI. The results reside in a secure database that designated staff from public schools, colleges, and universities, Washington’s school for the deaf and school for the blind, as well as certification programs, can access online. We send the results of fingerprint record checks to private schools by letter.


    What happens if my fingerprint record check results show a Record of Arrest/Prosecution (RAP)?
    OSPI will send you a copy of the record that they receive from the WSP/FBI. We receive a letter - that contains only information about any convictions on the RAP. We do not share RAP information. We may share fingerprint record check results with contracted employers.


    Can the FBI reject my fingerprints because of poor print quality?
    Yes. If the FBI notifies us that they cannot accept your first fingerprint record, you must submit a new set of fingerprints. If the FBI rejects your fingerprint record a second time we will ask them for a Name and Date of Birth Clearance.