Principal's Message

  •  Bethel Middle School Parents/Guardians,


    Winter is here and with it brings the excitment of mid-winter sports seasons. We have enjoyed wrestling and girl's basketball in Nov, Dec and January. February and March will bring us girl's soccer and boy's basketball. Student athletes are responsible for keeping good grades and good conduct throughout the season.Our sports team calendars are posted under the district athletics page.

    Our SBA testing will begin in April. We are expecting that studens will be able to use their ipads so testing will not interrupt much of our school day. We will send out more specific information on the testing calendar next month. However, parents should avoid taking their child out of school from April 17-May 5th. All grades will test in Math and Reading. The tests take between 1-3 hrs to complete. 8th grade students will also test in science.


    We have been focused on digging into our student data. Talk to your student about his or her STAR test and progress. Students should know their reading and math level and their growth target. Teachers use this data to make choices about instruction every day. We have noticed that most of our students need to increase their out of school reading and math work time. Spend time with your child reading a book and or talking over math problem solving. A great math website is khanacademy.org. It's a fun and interactive place for students to spend time working on math and expanding their skills. Also, our school utilizes IXL math for skill practice. Every student has an IXL account and should be working on 10 hours of IXL practice each month. We know that extra practice pays off in the end. Thank you for supporting your student.

    Go Bulldogs!

    Julie Shultz-Bartlett