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Class of 2017 Informtion

Upcoming Events:
February 22       Diploma Name Card Due

April 19              Culminating Project Paper Due

May 16-18         Senior Presentations

June 1               Senior Awards Night

June 3               Senior Prom at Pioneer Park Pavilion

June 5 & 6         Senior Finals - updated due to snow days

June 8               Seniors Last School Day - updated due to snow days

June 9               Senior Breakfast & Graduation Practice, not before 7:30am - updated due to snow days

June 12             Graduation – 1:00pm at the Tacoma Dome

Diploma name cards were due in the office by February 22, 2017.  It is important that all seniors have completed and turned in a diploma name card.   If a card is not returned we will use the legal name as shown in the Skyward system.  When completing the form please write clearly and legibly.  Do not use all caps.  



Senior Prom Dress Code

The Senior Prom is coming up June 3rd.  As seniors make prom dress and attire purchases this spring, please be certain to follow the dance dress code below. If unsure, see an administrator for approval prior to purchase.


  Formal Dance Dress Code


·  Tuxedo, dress suit or slacks, and dress shoes. No jeans or tennis/athletic shoes.

·  Shirts are to be worn at all times.


·  Formal dresses or gowns may be strapless or feature spaghetti straps.

·  Exposed backs are acceptable; however, bare stomachs or bare midriffs are not permitted;

·  Dress shoes or sandals are to be worn

·  Undergarments should not be visible.  See-through apparel and gowns or dresses with slits that are above mid-thigh area are not permitted. Extremely tight or extremely low-cut garments are also unacceptable.

FAFSA: Seniors, have you completed your FAFSA yet? If not, get started now. This application opens door to many different funds available for going to college including federal grants, work study, loan options and scholarships.  The application opened early this year so get yours completed TODAY!




As you start the first part of 2017, I can only guess since it has been a history for the last few years of parents/students wanting to know if they can still order.  Well as you know, they can.  Here are some answers for you if:


  1. Can we still order:  Yes, they can call 1-800-Jostens and they can take the order over the phone.
  2. How long do we have to order:  Technically they can order up until June 30.  However, we suggest of they just want to order cap and gown they should do that no later than June 1.   For other graduations products, we suggest April 15, as a deadline date.
  3. Final payment for orders placed in the fall is:  February 26, 2017 to avoid a potential late fee being assessed to the order.
  4. When is cap and gown delivery and graduation products that have been ordered prior to the deadline date in December:  Typically we try deliver the last week of March, beginning of April.
  5. REMINDER:  If they are using/borrowing a cap and gown from a previous year, they would still need to order the class medallion and classic/souvenir tassel and they can only be ordered by calling into the customer care line at 1-800-Jostens
  6. Can they purchase cap/gown/tassel/Medallion Unit at graduation, yes the cost will be $60 (flat fee) must be exact change we do not carry cash on that day.
  7. Can they purchase medallion and tassel on that day:  Yes cost will be $25 (flat fee) must be exact change we do not carry cash on that day.
 Click on this link that will take you directly to the ordering platform: 



Senior Fines

The senior class currently owes $20,142.00 in outstanding fines and fees.


Seniors, please pay your fines at the ASB office or online by visiting the GKHS website and using the “Pay Online” link. (student ID number is their account name and password is last name.)  Mrs. Fjeld is available during school hours for you to make payments.  You may also check your fine status at the ASB office or online.


Transcript requests will not be processed until all fines/fees are paid.  This includes AP testing fees.


Take care of your fines early!


Graduation Tickets

Each graduate who meets the criteria below will be issued five tickets to the graduation ceremony. 

Students will receive tickets if he/she:

Ø has a status that predicts graduation requirements have been met

Ø has paid all fines and fees owed to the school and the district

Ø has a cap and gown ordered


Five additional tickets will be available to all seniors who successfully complete their student led conference ON TIME as scheduled during the May conference week (May 16-18) with their portfolio and senior project completed. Tickets will be distributed to seniors the morning of graduation practice on June 7.


Each person who attends the ceremony, with exception of the graduate, must have a ticket – young children and babies count and need tickets. 


Additional tickets may be purchased at the ASB office for $5.00 each beginning May 30. 


Dress Code for Graduation

All graduates must have a cap and gown.


Female Graduates Should Wear:

Ø Dresses/Skirts/Dress pants and appropriate dress shoes


Male Graduates Should Wear:

Ø Dress shirts and ties – appropriate slacks and dark dress shoes


Students May NOT Wear:

Ø Jeans

Ø Shorts

Ø Casual sandals or flip flops

Ø Tennis shoes or running shoes

Ø Decorations of any kind with the cap and gown other than medals and honor cords awarded through GKHS.  Leis, flowers, sashes, etc. may be worn after the ceremony for pictures with family and friends.


Students who are dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.