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  • How to Access Student Access Sites -

    Posted by JULIA BUTELA on 3/13/2020

    To get information on student engagement activities and school closure supports -  click here.


    • Go to Bethel School District website at www.Bethelsd.org 
      • Find the Canvas quick link at the top of the page
    • Enter login ID and Password
      • Login – student lunch number
      • Password – student birthday (ie: Jan-23-2008)
        • For some, the year is left out. If you are unable to access Canvas with the year, try a 2 digit year. (ie: Jan-23-08)
      • If you forgot your password, follow the directions to reset your password.
    • After selecting log in, you should have access to your Canvas courses.

    Parent Access to Canvas: Visual

    Parents can sign up as an observer in Canvas. This will allow Parent to link their account to their student or students’ account so they can see assignment due dates, announcements and other content. Observers can view the course content, but cannot participate in the course. 

    To get started:

    • Go to Bethel School District website at www.Bethelsd.org
      • Find the Canvas quick link at the top of the page
    • Register as a parent (upper right hand corner)
      • Enter sign up information
    •  Generating Pairing Codes
      • Students must login to Canvas through MyBethel. Creating pairing codes is not currently available through the app. 
      • Go through their settings and select the “Pair with Observer” option.
    • Copy pairing code
      • Students share the code with parents. This is the code to enter in the signup screen.
    • Enter pairing code
      • Once the observer has the pairing code, they go to their account sign up and enter the code. They then select “Start Participating,” and they are in.
    • To link additional students:

      Once parent observer accounts are created, additional students can be added. The observer will start by going to their account, and selecting “Settings.” They follow the same steps as adding a student. (They will need the pairing code from the next student.) Once they add students, they will see them in the list of “Students Being Observed.”

    Skyward - Student Acess: Visual

    • Go to Bethel School District website at www.Bethelsd.org 
    • Find the Family Access quick link at the top of the page
      • login - first 5 letters of last name, first 3 letters of first name, 000 (ie: smithjul000)
        • if this doesn't work, try 001, 002, 003, etc. this is due to common last names)
      • Password - passwords are different for each student. If you don't remember your password, click the forgot password link and follow the directions.

    Skyward - Family Access: Brochure Link

    Skyward - Family Access: Reset Password

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  • Resources

    Posted by JULIA BUTELA on 3/10/2020

    School Closure Resources

    Families in need of resources call: 2-1-1


    Bethel School District Resources

    Food Services:

    • Bethel School District meals go to for anyone ages 1 to 18 and will be available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at one of the following locations (all children must be present):
      • Camas Prairie Elementary (front of school)
      • Cougar Mountain Middle School (bus loop, back of school)
      • Frederickson Elementary School (bus loop, back of school)
      • Graham-Kapowsin High School (front of school)
      • Naches Trail Elementary (front of school)
      • North Star Elementary School (front of school)
      • Roy Elementary School (front of school)
      • Shining Mountain Elementary School (front of school)
      • Spanaway Lake High School (front of school)
      • Spanaway Middle School (front of school)
    • Please go to https://www.bethelsd.org/meals to reserve your meal.
    • If you are unable to make it to a location then you can request a meal to be delivered at: https://www.bethelsd.org/meals

    Additional Resources:

    Community Resources

    Food Banks:

    • Nourish Pierce County has reduced to Cedarcrest Site (Mondays 4:30-6:30) - until 3/23/20
      • AFTER March 23rd the Old Spanaway Site will reopen on: Tuesdays 4:30-6:30
    • Additional Food Banks can be found on the Bethel website
      • Search: Food Banks for full list. Make sure to call the agency prior to visiting to insure the information is correct.

    Additional Resources:



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  • Update

    Posted by JULIA BUTELA on 3/9/2020


    The Governor has called for the closing of all schools in Pierce County. The plan now is for school to be closed from Tuesday, March 17th through Friday, April 24th. That means you will return back to Cedarcrest on April 27th. 

    Due to this:

    • Absences due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19 will be excused. For the quickest turn-around time, please use Skyward to report absence(s) and note why the student is absent.
      • We are working on processing attendance requests as quickly as possible. Due to a significantly higher volume of attendance requests, it may take 48 hours or more for attendance requests to be processed, (especially requests made by phone.)
      • Absence requests due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19 will be excused.
      • For the quickest turn-around time, please use Skyward to report absence(s) and note why the student is absent.
    • All after school activities for today, March 13th, and Monday, March 16th are cancelled.
    • Teachers will be working to prepare learning opportunities and will communicate the plan as soon as possible.
    • You will get spring break - March 30th - April 3!

    Parents, please have your student(s) fill out the following survey to help us stay connected with them during the closure.  Thank you!

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By Month

Principal's Message

  • Cedarcrest Families,  

    I want you to be aware of the work we believe in here at CMS.  Please take a minute to take a look at our Mission-why we exist, our Vision-what we need to become to reach our mission, our Values-what actions we will commit to in order to become what we envision, and our Goals-ways we will measure our progress.  We thank you in advance for your support in this work.



    It is the mission of Cedarcrest Middle School to create a safe community and ensure all of our students develop the skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. 


    • We believe that all of our students can be successful and that it is the responsibility of adults in the school to develop exceptional systems to make that a reality.
    • We believe in gathering quality data to determine what our students have learned, and using that data to reflect upon and increase the effectiveness of our instruction.
    • We believe in taking collective responsibility for the success of each student by working collaboratively in high-functioning and relational teams, interdependently, with common goals, and mutual accountability.
    • We believe in building strong relationships with our students, developing trust, providing clear expectations and delivering quality feedback to support building student responsibility.

    Our Collective Commitments:

    • In our work, we are committed to put the learning of all students first and will persist in our attempts to engage them regardless of initial setbacks, or how this stance might challenge long-held assumptions, past practice, or simply be the easier or more convenient procedure.
    • We will set high expectations for all students, making the standards of conduct clear, providing clear directions for classroom activities and routines, in order to create classrooms where the teacher and students value learning and hard work.
    • We will consider students’ special needs when planning lessons and identifying resources to ensure that all students will be able to learn.
    • We will be positive, contributing members of our collaborative teams; study, clarify, and align, pacing guides, assessment blueprints, and content curriculum to achieve our SMART goals and increase student achievement.
    • We will use formative assessment strategies that are ongoing and are used by both teachers and students to monitor progress toward understanding the learning outcomes, to inform and improve our practice to better meet the needs of individual students.
    • We will engage in meaningful, job-embedded staff development to enhance our professional skills, seeking out the most promising practices to support student learning, and exercising leadership among our colleagues.
    • We will ensure all students feel valued, safe, and comfortable taking intellectual risks; and when their behavior is being corrected, we will ensure that students feel respected and their dignity is not undermined.

    Our Schoolwide Goals:

    1. Continuous Growth and Achievement in all Subjects - Increased percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency standards on local, state, and national assessments.
    2. Equitable Opportunities for All Students – Elimination of disproportionality in discipline rates for all student subgroups.


    -Scott Martin


    Cedarcrest Middle School

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