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  • SMS Reads!

    Posted by SHARON COWARD on 3/28/2020

    SMS Reads!

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    Posted by SHARON COWARD on 3/28/2020

    Phone Number

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Principal's Message

  • March 27, 2020

    Hello Warrior Families:

    Thank you for supporting your child as he/she began working primarily online from home. These times are difficult for many. Our goal is to keep students engaged so we know they are ok and doing well. Please reach out if you need anything.

    Spanaway staff are continuing communication with students through email. They also have open office hours and live teaching sessions. If your child is engaging in anyway, we are appreciative. We want to see this continue after spring break as well. Next week is a good time for students to write down their schedule, get assignments caught up, and be ready for Monday, April 6. This is when we return to our distant learning schedule.

    Please continue to encourage your child as they are learning in a different way right now. We want all of our Warriors reading. Audible is free to our students and will continue to be throughout this time. Have your child click on the link in their newsletter or click below in this one. I have included it in both for your convenience.

    Take care of yourselves and please do not hesitate reaching out. Our teachers put together this video for you and your child(ren). We hope it help during this difficult time.

    Stay in touch and thank you!

    Mrs. Shannon Leatherwood, Principal

    Student Expectations for Zoom and Canvas:

    Zoom and Canvas are our current classrooms, as well as a number of other digital resources and platforms specific to your classes. That means that we have expectations in these spaces just like we would if we were together at Spanaway Middle. Your teachers have shared expectations and norms for their classes with each of you, and we want to be sure that we remind you that our expected behaviors are the same whether digital or in person.

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    We don't need to spell out what each of those means, but in short, we expect you to respect your teachers, each other, and the work being done. We expect you to use these digital tools responsibly, doing schoolwork on the iPads, using your accounts for educational purposes only, and taking good care of your devices and accessories (chargers, hotspots). We also need all of you to feel and make sure others are safe in this digital environment. That means you are kind, respectful, listening, and engaging appropriately and productively.

    If you are unable to meet these expectations, the following progressive steps will be taken:

    1. You can expect a warning from a teacher or administrator.

    2. If it happens again, you will be removed from the classroom and/or activity (Zoom meeting, discussion thread).

    3. If you are removed, you will not be allowed back into that space until there has been a conversation between you, your family, your teacher, and/or an administrator.

    4. Ultimately, you may find yourself removed from all live online classes and activities.

    Remember, that all videos, discussions, and chats are recorded and can be reviewed with your family and administration if necessary.

    So Many eBook and Audiobook Options!

    One of the many great things to come from this challenging time is the number of companies and organizations who are working to ensure our community has a lot resources to help when we and our students are homebound. We've provided links below to three of them: Pierce County Library, TumbleBooks and Audible. We are thrilled we can help keep our kids (and you) reading!

    Pierce County Library: PCL has closed their branches, but their electronic resources are still available, even if you don't have a library card right now. You can apply for an ecard that will give you access to the e-resources immediately (and you can go get a physical card when the library is open again). For audio and eBooks, be sure to download the Libby app (available through the Self Service).

    Tumblebooks: Hundreds of eBooks and audiobooks for students of all ages...all free. 

    Audible from Amazon: Audible has just made thousands of audiobook titles FREE! So many to choose from! And...we love the tag line: Stories help. We agree. 

    Mobile Hotspots: Use Wisely

    A number of students are using mobile hotspots we've provided in order to access the internet. If that is you, please know there is very limited data (2GB), so you will have issues if you don't use them responsibly. In order to ensure you do not run out of data, please use them only for the following:

    • School email
    • Canvas
    • Skyward

    You will not be able to stream movies, play games, or actively participate in Zoom meetings without reaching your data cap. Once that is reached, wifi speeds will slow dramatically. We are not able to reset the hotspots, so once it slows, you will have to wait for the next cycle before it begins to work efficiently again.

    Virtual Classroom Hours: Resumes on Monday, April 6

    Have your child work during spring break to list out his/her schedule so they know when they need to get online for learning. This will help them come back ready to learn.

    Counselors & Social Worker Corner

    Happy Spring Break! Check out some ideas for screen-free activities to do with your students next week.

    This can be an overwhelming time with your kids being home all day. Pierce County offers a Free Online Parenting Class through Triple P Parenting. This is a great resource to learn specific tips and strategies to get through this crisis.

    We will resume our office hours and individual appointments with students on April 6th! For immediate needs, we will be checking email periodically.

    Here are some available resources:

    Employment Resources:

    Please email us if you have any questions. You can also call our work phones and leave a voicemail, and we will return your call from home or work as soon as we can!

    Common Sense Media Resources

    The Bethel School District has been working with Common Sense Media for a number of years to bring safe, responsible digital resources and digital citizenship to our students. We appreciate that CSM is providing more great opportunities for both teachers and families in this unprecedented moment in your students' education.


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