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  • STEM Family Night

    Posted by SHARON COWARD on 1/19/2020

    STEM Family Night

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  • After-School Reading Club

    Posted by SHARON COWARD on 11/8/2019

    Reading Club

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Principal's Message

  • January 24, 2020

    Hello Warrior Families:

    Thank you for supporting your children! It is with you we partner to ensure each and every child gets the best education possible. Please do not hesitate contacting staff when you are wanting support for your child. Did you know we have tutoring and study support every week after school? Please notify your child's teacher and they will ensure they get support after school as well. We have tutoring three days a week and study support one day a week. These classes are from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. and there is an activity bus that will bring them home if needed. Contact your child's science, math or ELA teacher for this support. They will make sure the teacher who is running this program knows they are attending. Once they come, it is important they maintain regular attendance. We want ALL of our Warriors utilizing this opportunity if needed!

    This Monday kicks off our next sports season, Winter II. Warriors will be able to try out for boys soccer, girls soccer, or boys basketball. Please make sure you have filled out the necessary paperwork and your child has his/her physical on file with our athletic coordinators. You can find more information about our athletics program and requirements to participate on our website here. We hope to see our Warriors trying out after school on Monday, January 27 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.!

    Please continue helping us support your child. We value your partnership and look forward to the continued success of Spanaway Middle School.

    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Shannon Leatherwood, Principal

    Spanaway Middle School

    Smarter Balanced Assessments: Practice Test Information

    Students have been practicing the Smarter Balanced (SBA) tests in their English, Math, and History classes and will continue to do so as we prepare for state testing in May. Additional practice tests will be administered in January, and more information about the Smarter Balanced tests, including practice test items, can be found here.

    Winter II Sports Information

    Winter II Sports will kick off with tryouts on Monday for boys basketball, girls soccer, and new this year, boys soccer. We are excited to cheer on a new season of Warrior athletics! For more information on how to register for sports, and the requirements to try out, please see our website here.

    Phone number changes

    All of our district and school phone numbers are changing prefixes this year. Due to the need for more numbers, we will no longer be 683. We will be 800. The majority of numbers – including all elementary, middle and high schools – will retain their same last four digits. For example, the number for the district office, 253-683-6000 will simply become 253-800-6000. Until April 1, 2020 both the old and new numbers will work. Please use that time to update your contacts. A few administrative buildings, as well as the Pierce County Skills Center, will get completely new phone numbers.


    This week we began reteaching our PrideWear expectations and giving reminder notices along with lunch Success Time consequences to students out of PrideWear. This is working and increasing instructional time when students leave classrooms to go to the office to get PrideWear.

    Reminder Notices:

    • Tuesday: 46
    • Wednesday: 14
    • Thursday: 12
    • 23 notices were for holes in pants, 6 for leggings, 43 for no PrideWear tops

    As a reminder, PrideWear rules require that there are no holes in pants above the knee. Temporary measures such as duct tape or paper to cover holes in pants will not be acceptable.

    If students arrive at school out of PrideWear, (such as having holes in pants above the knee), they will receive a Success Time referral and parent phone call. Again, students must be in dress code when they arrive at school. Read more about Pridewear Expectations here. Parents and Families - Thanks for your help with this!

    January and February Schedules: Quick Preview

    A quick preview of the January and February schedule:

    • Wednesday, January 29: PD Day for Staff (no school)
    • Friday, February 7: Jazz Night at 7:00 p.m. in the SMS Commons
    • Monday, February 10: STEM Night at 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the SMS Commons
    • Friday, February 14 - Tuesday, February 18: Mid-Winter Break (no school)
    • Wednesday, February 26: Late Start (Periods 1, 2, 3) with the Winter Pep Assembly

    Join Team Bethel!

    The Bethel School District is looking for outstanding teachers to join our team for the 2020/21 school year! Certificated candidates should apply on our jobs website by February 9.

    Second Step: Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

    The Bethel School District has adopted a new social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for all students grade PS - 8 called Second Step. We are excited to be addressing this critical piece of adolescent growth and learning through our advisory classes each week.

    We will let you know what we have done at each grade level through this newsletter, and will include some ways to engage with your student in their learning, thinking, and growing. These messages and questions are also in Spanish here. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please reach out.

    Thursday, January 21st: Lesson #11 (6th & 7th grade only - 8th grade prepped for HS registration)

    Grade 6. Family Lesson Summary: This week, your child learned ways to make new friends. This can help your child build positive relationships with his or her peers. **Family Lesson Question** Tell your child about a friend you made when you were younger, and explain how you became friends with this person. Ask your child how he or she makes friends at school, and what can sometimes make it difficult.

    Grade 7. Family Lesson Summary: This week, your child learned about what makes a friendship strong and think of good ways to develop friendships. This will help your child deepen and strengthen positive relationships with his or her peers. **Family Lesson Question** Talk to your child about friendships. Discuss the fact that friendships sometimes grow stronger and sometimes grow weaker. Ask your child what he or she can do to make a friendship stronger.

    Grade 8 will do Lesson #11 this coming week. Family Lesson Summary: As children grow up, they form close relationships with their peers. Sometimes friendships can become negative and hurtful. This week, your child will learn how to identify negative relationships and think about what to do when a relationship turns negative. **Family Lesson Question** Talk to your child about the different kinds of relationships kids have at school. Ask if any seem negative or unhealthy. Discuss what to do when a relationship turns negative.

    Highly Capable Referrals (1st Grade - 7th Grade)

    Anyone (parents, teachers, community, etc.) can refer a student to be tested for potential qualification in our Highly Capable programs. Referrals for 1st - 7th grade are due January 31. Complete the online referral form at

    Common Sense Media Parent Resources: Parental Controls

    We believe and support the power of parental control over middle school aged students' access to and use of technology and social media. We are continuing our emphasis on partnering with families around social media by encouraging you to monitor student access, use, and privacy settings. We strongly believe social media can be used for good, but we also know that students need to be guided on how and when to make that a priority.

    Today, we are sharing this "Parents' Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls" from Common Sense Media.

    The Bethel School District partners with Common Sense Education, a platform designed to "support and empower the next generation of digital citizens." CSE is a division of Common Sense Media, and we will be sharing family resources from CSM throughout the year.

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