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Principal's Message


    Centennial families,


    Today we began our second week of “continuous” distance learning at CE. Our teachers have collaborated at each grade level, focusing on identified power standards (concepts) to cover with students over the next 6 weeks. Last week, we distributed iPads to the students of Centennial so they could engage in remote instruction with their teachers. I want to encourage all families to partner with us by engaging in your student’s program through the end of the year. The concepts we are teaching are valuable and will help them in their transition to the next grade level. To put it simply, this new instruction is important!


    Any student who was unable to pick up their iPad, please contact your grade level teacher to coordinate a time to get the needed technology. We are more than happy to work with you!




    In hopes of maximizing student engagement in our “continuous” learning model, we will track student attendance in our CE distance learning program in grades (K-5) & (ILC). The attendance, taken each Monday, is a record of the student’s engagement for the previous week. Homeroom teachers will assign each student as Present, Tardy, or Absent applying the following definitions:


    Present – Fully engaged (participating and turning in work)

    Tardy – Participating with some contact, but not turning in work

    Absent – No contact, not turning in work


    My hope is that we hit our stride in this new routine and work together to maximize student learning. Please reach out if you have any barriers that prevent you from engaging with us.  

    I believe in our teachers, I believe in our students, I believe in our community – I believe in Centennial!


    Thank You – Be Safe


    C. Brauer


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