Clover Creek Elementary School


Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back Clover Creek, Hawks!

    Clover Creek’s mission is to ensure all students achieve academic and social emotional skills at grade level or higher. We believe that all students are capable of achieving great things; it is our job to inspire and unlock the potential in each student. Our staff is committed to helping your children reach proficiency within their grade level standards
    and will be tracking their growth as the year progresses. We look forward to sharing these learning goals and achievements with you!

    I would like to welcome a few new educators to our staff:

    ● Ms. Fox will be our new Integrated Kindergarten teacher.
    ● Mrs. Marler will be our new first grade teacher.
    ● Mrs. Holm will be our long-term substitute for our resource room.
    ● Mrs. Christiansen will be our new fifth grade teacher.
    ● We are in the process of hiring our long-term substitute for third grade. Stay tuned!
    ● Ms. Baughn will be an instructional paraeducator in our IK room.
    ● Mrs. Hooper will be an instructional paraeducator in our IK room.

    I also would like to acknowledge some exciting changes for some of our existing staff members:

    ● Ms. Paraiso got married over the summer and will go by her married name, Mrs. Villa.
    ● Ms. Barkley was married last year and will now go by her married name, Mrs. Harris.
    ● Mr. Hill has moved from first grade and will now be our technology specialist.
    ● Mrs. Tabacco moved from our technology specialist position and will now be our music specialist.
    ● Mrs. Bwandolle and her husband welcomed their second daughter earlier this year, she will continue her maternity leave. She will return January 2023.
    ● Mrs. Ramos and her husband welcomed their first son earlier this year, she will continue her maternity leave. She will return January 2023.
    ● Mrs. Krom moved from her kindergarten position and will now serve as a first grade teacher.
    ● Mrs. Ross moved from our K-3 support specialist position to our Learning Assistance Position.

    The first day of school (1 st -5 th grade) is September 6, 2022 and our Kindergartners will start school on September 9, 2022. School starts at 9:20 AM, we’ll open the gates (for parent drop off) and doors (for bus riders) at 9:10AM. Please do not drop off your child prior to our 9:10AM entry time as there will not be supervision available until that time.

    Please know that our teachers and support specialists worked very hard to select the best placement for every child. Gender, academic performance, behavioral trends, and
    special programs thoughtfully balance our classrooms. Thank you for supporting these important class placement decisions.

    We hope you will join us for our open house on September 1, 2022 from 5:30pm- 6:30pm. We will all gather in the cateria/gym for a 15 minute principal’s message before
    finding your child(s) classroom at 5:45pm. For the safety and security of our students/staff, only students will be permitted to enter the building during school hours.

    Thus, your attendance at our open house will be imperative so you can visit your child’s classroom and know exactly where your child will be spending their day!

    We are looking forward to partnering with all of you to make 2022-23 an incredible year! Please know that we are only an email or phone call away and are eager to help in any way we can.

    Sara Olson
    Sara Olson, Principal