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Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back Clover Creek Hawks!

    Clover Creek’s mission is to provide quality instruction encouraging students to be self-motivated learners, create high expectations of achievement and behavior to develop productive citizens, and embrace new technology and methodologies that will prepare students for THEIR future. We believe that all students are capable of achieving great things; it is our job to inspire and unlock the potential in each student. Our staff is committed to helping your children reach proficiency within their grade level standards and will be tracking their growth as the year progresses. We look forward to sharing these learning goals and achievements with you!


    I would like to welcome a few new people to our staff:

    • Mrs. Ross will be our new K-3 Support Specialist.
    • Mrs. VanAlstine will be teaching second grade.
    • Mr. Burns will be our new music specialist and choir director.
    • Mrs. Inderbitzin (soon to be Mrs. Ramos) will be teaching third grade. 

    I also would like to acknowledge some exciting changes for some of our existing staff members:  

    • Mrs. Crook and her husband welcomed a new baby boy, Makson, to their family. She will be out on maternity leave until Spring 2021. Mrs. Crook’s class will be split amongst the other kindergarten teachers until she returns from maternity leave.
    • Mrs. Robinson has moved from first grade and will now teach kindergarten.
    • Mr. Hill has moved from second grade and will now teach first grade.
    • Mrs. Drever and her husband welcomed a baby girl, Sophie, to their family. She will be out on maternity leave until January 2021. Mrs. Iverson will be her maternity leave substitute.
    • Mrs. Ulmer has moved from third grade and will now teach second grade.
    • Mrs. Wells has moved from our K-3 Support Specialist Role and will now teach second grade.
    • Mrs. Rice and her husband welcomed baby girl, Aurora, to their family and will be returning from maternity leave January 2021. Additionally, Mrs. Rice moved from second grade and will now teach third grade. Mrs. Rice’s class will be split amongst the other third grade teachers until she returns from maternity leave.
    • Mrs. Hutchinson moved from third grade and will now teach fourth grade.

    The first day of school (1st-5th grade) is September 3, 2020 and our Kindergartners will start school on September 9, 2020. School starts at 9:00 AM with live zoom sessions and/or independent work time as indicated in the BSD student schedule. Thank you in advance for helping your student to log into their learning management system (SeeSaw for K-1 and Canvas for 2-5). Directions for log-in will be coming soon! Our hope is that as the year progresses, your student(s) need less and less support from you and are able to rely on their teacher for most all of their learning/navigation needs!

    Please know that our teachers and support specialists worked very hard to select the best placement for every child.  Gender, academic performance, behavioral trends, and special programs thoughtfully balance our classrooms.   Thank you for supporting these important class placement decisions. 

    With our new year starting with 100% remote learning, we know that our focus on clear, consistent communication with you and your child is critical. Our goal is to (1) simplify as much of our instruction as possible as to not inundate you, as you try to work and help your child(ren), while (2) simultaneously delivering authentic learning opportunities for your child(ren) throughout the year. We want to see your children accomplish grade level benchmarks in reading, writing, math, science, social students and the arts. You will have a general schedule outline for all grade levels K-5. Teachers will load the week’s specific learning schedule/activities every Monday between 8:00AM-9:00AM. I will be sending building level “tidbits” every Tuesday via your ParentVue email.

    Clover Creek’s iPads are here and waiting for your student if you chose not to keep the iPad over summer you were issued last year. Before coming to school to pick up your iPad there are a couple of things to do first. Any family with a Bethel issued iPad, please go online and follow the directions to Accept or Decline iPad coverage. After completing this, please sign the hold harmless agreement form there as well. This will need to be completed for each student. Directions on how to do this are found here If you have a new student to Clover Creek (this includes kindergartners) and/or you did not check out an iPad over summer, please come pick up your ipad during the following dates/times:


    September 1st                                                                September 2nd

    Kindergarten - 10:30-12:30pm                                        Third Grade - 10:30-12:30pm

    First Grade - 12:30-2:00pm                                            Fourth Grade - 12:30-2:00pm

    Second Grade - 2:00–3:30pm                                         Fifth Grade - 2:00–3:30pm


    If you have multiple students that are new to our building, please let a staff member know when you arrive and we will gladly locate the additional devices.  For those unable to pick up devices during their designated time slot, we will also have an available evening pick up time from 4:00-6:00pm on Tuesday, September 2nd. If this option works best for your family, please be patient as we expect a higher pick-up volume.

    We are looking forward to partnering with all of you to make 2020-21 an incredible year! Please know that we are only an email or phone call away and are eager to help in any way we can.


    Sara Olson

    Sara Olson, Principal


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