• Hi There! I’m Mrs. Schwoch 🙂

    Mrs. Bailey, our A-MAZING library clerk, and I make up the Nelson Library Dynamic Duo!

    We are so glad you came to our little library website and hope you find all sorts of interesting and fun things to do and see here. Below you’ll find some useful information about our library and how it works.

    How Do I Find a Book in the Library?

    Our library is arranged by genre. That means that books are sorted by their type. Kids who like funny books will find a slew of them in the Wit & Humor section. Like to be scared? Look in our Mystery & Scary area. All told, we have 9 genres to choose from!

    If, on the other hand, you like to learn about real life topics, we’ve got lots of nonfiction, too. Nonfiction/informational books are located near fiction genres that are similar (joke books are located near Wit & Humor, for example). We also have a SPECTACULAR collection of picture books!

    Be sure to look at the stickers on the book’s spine. If there’s a picture, it’s a nonfiction/informational text. If there’s a band of color, it’s a fiction book.

    Can I Search for Books in a Catalog?

    Yes! Our online catalog is always located in the column on the right-hand side of this website (tap on the words Click Here to Find a Great Book!). Type in either the topic or the title of a book and the catalog will tell you whether we have it at Nelson.

    If you log into the catalog, you can also put a book on hold 🙂 Just find the book you want and tap the Hold button next to the title.

    Please limit your holds to 1-2 books at a time.

    How Do I Request a Book?

    Do you wish the library had a particular book? Fill out the Digital Book Wish! form (in the menu at the top of this page) or fill out a paper Book Wish in the library. We’ll do what we can to honor your wish if it’s a good fit for our school. Don’t forget to make sure we don’t already have a copy first!

    How Do I Checkout a Book?

    There are two ways to checkout library books.

    If you know your student number, you can use the Self-Check station. Don’t worry, Mrs. Bailey and I will help you if you get stuck!

    If you’re still learning your student number, Mrs. Bailey or I will complete your checkout at the counter.
    Either way be sure to take a bookmark before you leave!

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