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  • May 5, 2021

    Posted by STEPHEN RUSHING on 5/5/2021 8:00:00 AM

    Kindergarten Orientation

    Our orientation meeting is on Wednesday, May 5 at 2:00.  Please join us for a brief presentation and a Question & Answer time.  Zoom Link 



    Clover Creek Information Meeting

    If you were not able to join us on May 3, here is the slide show that was shared with families that are moving to Clover Creek next year due to the boundary change.  


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  • March 29, 2021

    Posted by STEPHEN RUSHING on 3/28/2021

    Dear Husky Families,

    We are coming up on finishing 6 months of school.  As of the first week of March, we have 396 students for in-person learning and 111 students continue to attend fully remote.  Here are a few things to share with you both in terms of finishing our last week before Spring Break and considerations on how we can add to our successes upon the return from break.

    Mr. Rushing

    1.  Congratulations and Thank You!
    We know it has been a very rough year for everyone.  A literal year has passed since the pandemic arrived in our hometown and life has not been the same since.  Parents, grandparents, daycare providers, neighbors, older siblings, etc. have worked hard with us to make sure students are accessing learning.  I thank you and all of the staff at North Star for keeping education alive and a priority for our students.  

    2.  Hybrid Learners
      a.) With a 2-day in-person schedule, there is only so much we can fit into the 4.5 hours we see students on campus.  Please remember to check in with your child to see what at-home learning on Live Zooms, Seesaw or Canvas have been assigned for those days that students are not at school.  In some cases we are finding that students believe that since they came to school those two days, attending Zooms and doing online assignments is not required.  Those sessions and assignments are required and are being tracked by each teacher.  At-home (asynchronous) learning counts for both attendance and grades.  Students should be sure to do their assignments and get credit for both areas. 

    Related to this is having supplies and materials ready at the start of Zoom sessions.  Students often need their whiteboards, markers, and other school supplies.  It really helps when these items are at the ready once joining their teacher and classmates on Zoom.

      b.)  Headphones:  Students use their iPads at school.  Some of their iPad work may require the use of headphones.  Please check with your child or child's teacher to see if headphones are needed.  We don't recommend students bring expensive headphones to school but budget bargain headphones also are not that good either.  They last for only a short while and then problems crop up.  Please have your child bring their headphones along with the iPad.  It is recommended that students practice placing the headphones in a bag or container that can be zipped or latched.  Shoving them in the backpack haphazardly is part of why they start to have issues.  

      c.)  Charging iPads:  Please work with your child to build a routine for coming to school with a fully charged iPad.  Students frequently access textbooks, learning apps, assignments, etc. on their iPads so need their device ready for action when they get to school.  

      d.)  Masks:  We continue to require that all staff and students wear masks while at school.  Please take a moment to have your child try on all of their masks and check for ones that don't fully fit anymore and that they are clean.  As the year progresses, some masks are getting too small and therefore don't cover the nose, mouth and chin.  Please note that we have students change into single use masks when theirs are not fitting well.  It has been amazing to see how well students are doing with mask wearing.  Thank you to both students and parents for the strong effort to keep safey first.  

      e.)  Water Bottles:  At this time we do not have water fountains available for students to use.  Students that wish to drink water at school should bring a water bottle to school that can be refilled when needed.

      f.)  Meals at School:  We serve lunch daily to all students that wish to have a lunch.  If you would like lunch and/or one of the take home meal bags that are offered, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.  There is no form to fill out or fee charged.  All meals are available to all students cost free.  

      g.)  Attestations:  A huge thank you to families that get their attestation done Wednesday to Friday the week before students attend in-person learning.  We regularly have about 245 forms completed by Monday morning of each week.  At the same time, that leaves about 150 follow up contacts we have to make every week.  It takes multiple staff members hours of time to email, call, and re-call to ensure attestations have been submitted.  Please help us by filling out your form on ParentVue every single week.  The form for the new week opens up on Wednesdays.  One easy way to get the attestation done is to use the ParentVue App on your phone.  For Mac Users ParentVue the App Store on your iPhone or get the Mac desktop app here.  For Android users, look for the ParentVue Mobile app in the Google Play Store.   UPDATE:  I HAVE SINCE LEARNED THAT THE APPS DON'T SHOW THE ATTESTATION FORM.  YOU CAN STILL ACCESS IT FROM YOUR PHONE BUT TO DO THAT YOU WILL NEED TO OPEN PARENTVUE THROUGH YOUR PHONE'S WEB BROWSER.

    3.  Remote Only Learners

      a.)  Attendance:  Remote only students follow a schedule similar to earlier in the year.  In the same way, we also follow the same attendance guidelines.  Remember that there are two attendance marking periods each day - AM and PM.  Attending both sessions is required.  Students that attend the AM Zoom sessions are marked present.  Students that complete and turn in assignments during the second half of the day are marked present for the PM.  Seesaw (K-1) and Canvas (2-5) assignments are not optional.  They are how we determine PM attendance.  

      b.) Small group time:  Please check in with your child (and teacher if necessary) to clarify schedules for the week.  Small group times are a critical part of helping your child be their best.  Teachers set aside specific times to meet with students invidiually or in small groups.  When students don't show up to those times an opportunity to get the help they need has been lost.  Teachers are ready and wanting to meet students to assist them with their learning needs.

    4.  Drop Off and Pick Up

    It has been awesome seeing students in-person.  Along with attendance at school has come a new challenge - a huge  number of cars dropping off and picking up students.  Our community residents are periodically calling us about school cars backed up on 224th St.  We need your help in getting the line moving as fast and efficient as possible.  Here are some things that would help us greatly:

      -  Plan and prepare ahead:  Go through your family checklist at home to make sure you have everything you need and all plans are clear before arriving at school.  Having these conversations at the curb slows down the line.  Remember you can always park if you need more time.

      -  Have masks ready:  It is best to have your child put their mask on once you drive onto the campus.  Looking for masks and trying to put them on once the car door is open slows down the line.  Remember you can always park if you need more time.

      -  Buckling children in car seats:  We are experiencing vehicles where the driver needs to unbuckle or buckle their child in the seat.  Remember you can always park to take care of individual needs like seatbelts.  

      -  Authorizaion to Pick Up:  Make sure the office has the most current information on who is allowed to pick up your child.  

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  • Hold Harmless Forms Due for All Students

    Posted by STEPHEN RUSHING on 9/21/2020
    What:  iPad - Required Hold Harmless Form plus Optional Insurance

    Who:  ALL STUDENTS WITH AN IPAD including students that kept their iPad over the summer. 

    How:  Click Here for directions on how to go online and accept/decline insurance and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.  

    When:  By September 30    (October 1 online payments will no longer be accepted.  Only in-person payments will be accepted.)

    Just as students/families are responsible for taking care of textbooks, library books, equipment, and instruments that are borrowed from school, so too are they responsible for iPads.  While using iPads at home, please take care to ensure they are handled properly and stored in a way where they cannot get damaged or lost.  If an iPad goes missing or is damaged, it could cost you between $140 to $400 to fix or replace the iPad.  Bethel School District offers low cost, optional iPad insurance.  For full details click Here.   

    Note:  If you kept your iPad over the summer, you still need to fill out a new Hold Harmless Form for the 20-21 school year.  The one you filled out in the spring was good until the end of August.  
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