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Principals Message

  • 9/3/2020

     Dear Mountain Families,

     This is not the beginning of year we all hoped for but your Shining Mountain Teachers have been working hard these past weeks support your child’s learning.

    This year we are beginning the year digitally. Just because we are in a distance learning environment does not mean we focus any less on learning. We have been focusing in on how to provide the best instruction via technology. We have learned from experts and worked as teams to develop a quality learning experience for your kids.

    Every Student Sixth Grade Ready is our vision. This means that by the time kids leave us in fifth grade we have prepared them to be successful both socially and academically. This work does not change. Our team will be working harder than ever to make sure your children are making academic progress towards this goal.

    Each year we have a theme at THE Mountain. IN the past our themes have been Reaching the Mountain Top and Giant Redwoods. These themes have messages that focus our work for the year. This year our theme is: Engagement, Relationships and Learning. In this difficult time we realize how equally important it is for us to accomplish all of these equally with your child. You will find your teacher working to engage your child in the learning, develop healthy relationships both between student and teacher as well as with other students, and support growth in learning.

    This will be another great year at THE Mountain. Hope to be together in person again soon.

     Your Proud Shining Mountain Principal

      Paul Marquardt