• Spanaway Elementary

A Message From Mrs. Kosa and Mrs. Honig

  • Jaguar families,

    We are so impressed with our attendance this past week. Keep up the great work coming to school on time ready to learn each day. The more our students attend, the more their self-confidence grows in their abilities. They connect more with their peers and have a more positive outlook and attitude about tackling those hard things! We appreciate your support. 

    Jaguars, STRIVE and RISE! 

    Kim Kosa and Lori Honig


    What’s Happening At Spanaway Elementary?

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    Important Dates

    April 27 Late Arrival
    May 2-6 Teacher appreciation week
    May 3 Spring Pictures

    Important Levy Information: 
    April 26 - Today is  Election Day! Please be sure to get those ballots in. As of April 25th we have 22% ballots or “I voted” strips turned in! Our Jaguars have been excited to have this little part in the voting process. Thank you for allowing them to participate!

    Learner Quality of the Month of April is PERSEVERANT. Sometimes learning can be hard. We teach all of our Jaguars that they can do hard things, to keep at it and overcome any barriers that may get in their way. 

    Second Step: When we are calm, we can do things that make the problem smaller, like apologizing and thinking through the problem. This week in Second Step our school is learning about how thinking about a problem and considering other’s points of view will help us pick a solution that shows kindness, and friendship.

    Kindergarten and Preschool Registration opened April 1: Do you have or know of a family who will have a preschool or incoming kindergartener for next year. Get them registered as soon as possible!

    Check out this link later in the week for updated information on orientation dates across the district, including Spanaway Elementary School!   https://www.bethelsd.org/Page/6411 

    Attendance: Last week Mr. Malimban’s 4th grade class had 97.40% of students in class on time ready to learn and Mrs. Twaddle’s 1st grade class had 92.64% of students in class on time ready to learn! Wow!! Way to make learning a priority, Jaguars! Overall, our school attendance percentage is increasing. Let’s get to 100% of our Jaguars in school everyday! We can do this!

    If your child is absent, please let the school know the reasons for absences ASAP. You may contact our attendance clerk, Trish Fincher, at (253)800-5393 or via email at pfincher@bethelsd.org or enter the reasons into ParentVue. You may also let the teacher know as well.

    Shout out! Thank you to Mrs. Cleary’s 3rd-grade class for taking time on Earth Day to pick up trash around our school playground. You are appreciated for not only keeping our school looking it’s best, so we can learn our best, but for keeping our earth clean as well! Check out the attached pictures of their hard work!

    State Assessments
    This fall, all Washington public school students in grades 4-9, and high school were assessed in English language arts (ELA), and mathematics.  Students in grades 6, 9, and 12 were also tested in science.   Individual student score reports are now available in the DOCUMENTS link in both Synergy ParentVue and StudentVue applications. 

    These tests met the state and federal requirements from the postponed tests from last spring.  Schools used results, along with other district and classroom assessments to inform instruction for the current year.

    This spring, students will be taking state tests for the current grade level.  The dates for the test at our school are:

    May 13th 5th grade ELA CAT

    May 17th 3rd grade Math CAT, 4th  grade ELA CAT,  5th grade ELA PT

    May 19th 3rd grade Math PT, 4th grade ELA PT, 5th grade ELA PT

    May 20th 3rd grade ELA CAT, 4th grade ELA PT. 5th grade Math CAT

    May 24th 3rd grade ELA PT, 4th grade Math CAT, 5th grade Math PT

    May 25th 5th grade Science WCAS

    May 26th 3rd grade ELA PT, 4th grade Math PT, 5th grade Science CAS


    *Please be sure to schedule appointments around these days, thank you!


    Score reports will be available this summer and fall in the same Synergy location as the recently posted fall test reports for parents.

    Lost and Found: We will be donating any items that have not been claimed from our lost and found. Thank you to those families who visited and claimed items during conference week. Please remind your child to check for missing items by the end of this week!

    Spring Picture Day: Our spring pictures will be Tuesday, May 3. We won’t  have the traditional class pictures, but instead they will be a collage of pictures. Please check out the website for ordering information. https://orderentry.inter-state.com/CrystalReportViewer/FlyerPreview?OrderID=68153X

    District News

    Unsung heroes of education
    School counselors and social workers are often the unsung heroes of education. They work behind the scenes to solve problems before they boil over, which means they don’t always get the public recognition they deserve. We are proud to employ 22 social workers throughout the district, but that could change with another levy failure. Of those 22 employees, the state only funds 1.2. That means the rest are funded with levy money. https://youtu.be/SfZv5IuawtE

    Have you voted yet?
    Have you voted yet? If you haven’t, please do! And don’t worry if you haven’t registered for the April 26 Special Election. You still have time! Just stop by the Pierce County Elections Office in Tacoma (2501 S. 35th St. Suite C) from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and they'll help you register. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1692145617791798

    Brand new Bethel Pride
    Have you read our latest Bethel Pride? It’s full of useful information about our two levy renewals. Please take some time to educate yourself about the issues and then vote by election day. https://issuu.com/bethelpride/docs/mar_apr_2022_final

    Election Day: April 26
    Listed below are just SOME of the reductions and cuts we’ll see in our district if the April levy renewals fail to get a simple majority (50%+1) approval from voters. You can find the full list by clicking here.

    • Eliminated

      • Clubs

      • Concerts

      • Elementary band and orchestra

      • Sports

    • Reduced/Limited

      • District administration

      • Building administrators

      • Teachers, resulting in increased class sizes

      • Support staff

      • Counseling and social worker services

      • Campus safety positions

      • SROs

      • Bus transportation

    Learn more at bethelsd.org/levy2022


    Parent Support for Student Spring SBA Success


    A message from Mrs. Kosa, Mrs. Honig & the Jaguar Staff

    The Jaguar staff is looking forward to seeing our 3rd-5th grade Jaguars persevere through our Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) this spring which is just around the corner. SBA is an extremely important state test that helps us understand where your students are in their learning for this school year. 

    We want our students to be as prepared as possible and there are a few things you can do to help our Jaguars put their best foot forward to set them up for success:

    The night before the test:

    1. Make sure your child goes to bed on time so (s)he is well-rested.

    2. Keep your routine as normal as possible. Upsetting natural routines may make children feel insecure.

    3. Be positive and confident in the fact that you know your child will do his/her best.

    4. Plan ahead to avoid conflicts on the morning of the test and that dr’s appointments and other appointments are not made during our testing window.

    5. Remind your child that phones and smartwatches are to stay home during testing. If a phone call is to be made, your child can call from a school phone.


    The morning of the test:

    1. Get up a few minutes early to avoid rushing and make sure your child arrives at school on time.

    2. Have your child eat a nutritious breakfast. There is a strong correlation between eating breakfast and memory and cognitive functioning.

    3. Have your child dress comfortably.

    4. Ensure that your child keeps phones and smartwatches at home.

    5. Be positive and communicate that this is your child’s chance to show what (s)he knows. The most important thing you can do right before the test is to build confidence about doing his/her very best (to not just quickly answer questions as fast as possible), to persevere and not give up.

    After the test:

    1. Talk to your child about his/her feelings about the test.

    2. Discuss what was easy and what was hard; discuss what your child learned from the test.

    3. Explain that performance on a test does not define him/her as a person. It is just one opportunity to demonstrate learning.

    Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your Jaguar’s education. 


    Jaguar Staff

    No Devices During SBA Testing - We Need Your Help ;0)

    Did you know that cell phone and smartwatch usage during SBA can result in test invalidation? To avoid  irregularities and invalidations on any SBA test, we are going to be extra diligent about our device security measures. 

    One required district security measure is to ensure that no electronic devices including cell phones & smartwatches may be accessed by students while testing. To ensure that devices are out of reach, all devices will NOT be accessible in the classrooms during SBA testing!

    Please leave cell phones & smartwatches AT HOME on test days.

    Jaguars who bring electronics to school on test days will be asked to give their devices to their teacher who will lock them in a classroom cabinet/drawer until testing is over for the day.

    If you have questions, please contact
    Lori Honig at lhonig@bethelsd.org or 


    Are you interested in having your kids join a summer program/activity?

    Here is a scholarship opportunity!

    Pierce County Parks is now accepting applications for its summer recreation scholarship program. The scholarship offers financial assistance to County residents participating in youth outdoor recreation programs offered by Pierce County Parks.

    Funded through the Washington Recreation & Park Association’s Summer Experiences & Enrichment for Kids (SEEK) Fund, the scholarship program aims to increase accessibility to quality outdoor summer programs for underserved school-aged youth (ages 4-21).

    Scholarships are based on income and family size. Qualifying individuals may receive a credit of up to $300 per household to cover 50% of registration fees per program. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available. The application is available online. The deadline to apply is September 12.

    For more information about the Summer Recreation Scholarship, visit https://www.piercecountywa.gov/7647/Youth-Summer-Scholarships or email ParksScholarships@PierceCountyWa.gov.



Schedule Information

  • Late Start Days: School starts at 9:35. Breakfast will be offered/served on late start days beginning at 9:20.

    School Lunch: This year breakfast and lunch is free. Menus will be published WEEKLY (instead of monthly) and posted on the district website starting Monday, September 20th

    Morning Arrival: Parents, please do not drop your student off before 8:20, supervision does not begin until then and your child will be standing outside the playground gates without an adult. Thank you for your help in keeping our Jaguars safe. 



  • Click here or go to https://www.commhealth.org/community-health-care/community-resources/ to check out the new Community Health Care resource page! You will find information about childcare, job training, food banks, clothing banks, and much more!

Dates to Remember

  • Spring Break April 11-15
    Late Start April 20
    Late Start April 27
    Spring Picture Day May 3