• Dear Clover Creek families,

    We are excited to start a new school year with you and your student(s). At Clover Creek Elementary, we are committed to student learning and achievement. We passionately believe that children learn best in a structured environment with clearly communicated expectations and consequences. Staff will invest time at the beginning of the school year teaching your child the expectations for conduct. Although we emphasize a proactive approach to discipline, we also believe that teachers need access to immediate and meaningful consequences. Students who fail to choose to conduct themselves appropriately may be assigned processing, lunch and/or recess detention, after school detention, In School Suspension, and Out of School Suspension. Clover Creek’s Progressive Discipline is as follows:

    Proximity/Non-verbal – Moving toward a student or standing close to them to silently communicate the message that he or she needs to get on task or stop the undesired behavior.

    Verbal Warning – Telling the student they need to get back on task or to stop the undesired behavior.

    Processing – The student will be sent to a buddy room for a designated time to reflect on his or her actions and make a written plan for better choices in the future.

    Lunch and/or Recess Detention – The student will stay in a detention room rather than going to recess and/or lunch. Parents will be contacted by the teacher issuing the detention. (**Students will be guaranteed one of their two recess per day**)

    After-School Detention (45 minutes) – The student will be sent to the office after school (Tuesdays or Thursdays). Parent communication will be made by a teacher or school administrator prior to the student serving the detention. Parents will be responsible for picking up their student up at 3:45 PM.

    In School Suspension – The student will spend the day in the office. This will act as an all day detention. The student will have no social interactions with others and will be expected to complete schoolwork along with a reflection sheet. Parents will be contacted by a school administrator.

    Out of School Suspension – Parents will be contacted by a school administrator prior to the suspension.

    We appreciate your support and look forward to an amazing school year! Please feel free to contact us with concerns or questions at (253) 800-7800.


    Sara Olson                 Rebecca Hannath

    Principal                   Assistant Principal