• About College Planning

    The ideal starting point for each student's college plan should start with an action plan. The following college planning information will provide a stepping-stone for developing their plan.
    * CollegeBoard.com - Plan for College
    * College Prep Action Plan - High School Seniors
    * College Prep Action Plan - High School Juniors
    * College Prep Action Plan - High School Sophomores

    The College Planning Process has several steps. We have designed this website to walk you through each step of this process. Each step will open up a new webpage with access to detailed information.
    STEP 1: College Selection
    STEP 2: College Testing
    STEP 3: College Application Process
    STEP 4: Financial Aid
    STEP 5: Scholarships

    Other Information:
    Career & Technical Education
    Running Start
    Letter of Recommendation Request Form
    Minimum College Academic Requirements
    Community College Transfer Information