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  • HIV/AIDS Preview

    Posted by RENAE BEATTY on 10/11/2021

    HIV/AIDS Preview

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  • MS News Update

    Posted by NICOLE THOMPSON on 10/4/2021

    All MS events (Fastpitch, Baseball & Track will begin @ 5pm for the remainder of the Fall Season

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  • Fall State Testing

    Posted by RENAE BEATTY on 9/17/2021

    This fall students in grades 4–8 will take the Smarter Balanced tests in math and English language arts. Students in grade 6 will also take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) science test. These tests are a brief check-in on student learning from school year 2020-21.

    Students had limited in-person time in the classroom and likely experienced fewer opportunities to learn last school year. Last spring’s Smarter Balanced and WCAS testing were postponed to fall as we prioritized critical in-person instruction time for the benefit of students, families, and district staff.


    • October 4th and 5th: 6th grade students will take the 5th grade science test in their science class

    • October 11th and 12th: ALL students will take the math and ELA test during an extended advisory from 7:15am-9:15am

    It is important that students do their best to attend each of these days to avoid any further class interruptions.


    From the OPSI Test Administration Manual:

    Many students and staff members bring electronic devices with them to class. Cellular, messaging, or wireless devices have the capability of recording, reproducing, or transmitting secure test content. For this reason, students’ cell phones, smart watches, pagers, digital media players, iPods®, tablets, and other non-approved, web-enabled communication devices, including wearable technology, must be turned off and kept out-of-view and reach until the test session is complete.

    These devices may not be accessed by any student until all students complete testing, the TA closes the test session, and all secure test materials have been collected, accounted for, and secured. It is critical that school administrators and staff establish and communicate this policy to students, as access to any non-approved electronic device during a state summative assessment will result in the student’s test results being invalidated. Invalidated tests receive a score of zero.

    Cedarcrest's Procedures:

    To ensure we are meeting the requirements from the state Cedarcrest will do the following:

    • Students can choose to leave their personal electronic devices at home on testing days. This includes cell phone, any type of smart watch, or other non-approves device. These devices can also be stored in the student's LOCKED locker as long as they do not share a locker with another student.
    • If a student brings their personal electronic device to class (cell phone, and type fo smart watch, or other non-approved device) then the teacher will have the student write their name on a sticky note and attach it to the device. The device will placed in a bin and can be retrieved after all students in the room have completed testing for the day.
    • Students who are not able or willing to meet these requirements will be provided with an alternative location during testing and will be tested on an alternative date/time.
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Principal's Message

  • Cedarcrest Families,  

    I want you to be aware of the work we believe in here at CMS.  Please take a minute to take a look at our Mission-why we exist, our Vision-what we need to become to reach our mission, our Values-what actions we will commit to in order to become what we envision, and our Goals-ways we will measure our progress.  We thank you in advance for your support in this work.



    It is the mission of Cedarcrest Middle School to create a safe community and ensure all of our students develop the skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. 


    • We believe that all of our students can be successful and that it is the responsibility of adults in the school to develop exceptional systems to make that a reality.
    • We believe in gathering quality data to determine what our students have learned, and using that data to reflect upon and increase the effectiveness of our instruction.
    • We believe in taking collective responsibility for the success of each student by working collaboratively in high-functioning and relational teams, interdependently, with common goals, and mutual accountability.
    • We believe in building strong relationships with our students, developing trust, providing clear expectations and delivering quality feedback to support building student responsibility.

    Our Collective Commitments:

    • In our work, we are committed to put the learning of all students first and will persist in our attempts to engage them regardless of initial setbacks, or how this stance might challenge long-held assumptions, past practice, or simply be the easier or more convenient procedure.
    • We will set high expectations for all students, making the standards of conduct clear, providing clear directions for classroom activities and routines, in order to create classrooms where the teacher and students value learning and hard work.
    • We will consider students’ special needs when planning lessons and identifying resources to ensure that all students will be able to learn.
    • We will be positive, contributing members of our collaborative teams; study, clarify, and align, pacing guides, assessment blueprints, and content curriculum to achieve our SMART goals and increase student achievement.
    • We will use formative assessment strategies that are ongoing and are used by both teachers and students to monitor progress toward understanding the learning outcomes, to inform and improve our practice to better meet the needs of individual students.
    • We will engage in meaningful, job-embedded staff development to enhance our professional skills, seeking out the most promising practices to support student learning, and exercising leadership among our colleagues.
    • We will ensure all students feel valued, safe, and comfortable taking intellectual risks; and when their behavior is being corrected, we will ensure that students feel respected and their dignity is not undermined.

    Our Schoolwide Goals:

    1. Continuous Growth and Achievement in all Subjects - Increased percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency standards on local, state, and national assessments.
    2. Equitable Opportunities for All Students – Elimination of disproportionality in discipline rates for all student subgroups.


    -Scott Martin


    Cedarcrest Middle School

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