Reminders for Families

  • Child Illness
    Please keep your children home if:

    • They have a runny nose with green/yellow discharge.
    • They have a temperature of 100oF or more.
    • They are vomiting.
    • They have diarrhea.
    • They have an eye infection.
    • They have a sore throat, barking cough, or earache.
    • They are unusually tired, “not feeling good”, pale or lack of appetite.

    Dress Code
    Please dress your children in:

    • "Play clothes" and weather-appropriate clothing (i.e. warm clothes during cold weather)
    •  Tennis or close toed shoes (no slip-ons/flip-flops or high heels)
    •  No spaghetti strap clothing or short shirts
    •  No shirts with inappropriate language or images

    Late Start Days
    EPPS follows the district calendar.  On late start days classes will be one hour late start.

    Medication at School
    Only medications prescribed by a physician are to be administered at school.
    Medication must be in its original container from the pharmacy and the label must contain the following information:

    • Name of Student
    • Name of medication and dosage
    • Directions for giving and medication at school
    • Name of physician who prescribed the medication
    • Date medication was prescribed and expiration date

    At the end of the prescription time/expiration date, parents will be notified to pick up the medication and/or bring a current prescription if needed. Children cannot be in school if there is no current needed medication at school.
    A copy of the doctor's orders must also be brought in to create the student's health care plan before the student may start attending school.

    Safe Arrivals
    Your child's safe arrival to and from ECEAP is very important to us. The procedures listed here will ensure safe arrival and departure.

    1. If your child cannot attend a certain day, please call your teacher's room and transportation (if applies).

    Please leave a detailed message.      Melissa : 253 800-7954  /   Rashelle: 253 800-7951     Transportation  253 800-5900 / 5901

    2. Keep your child's Parent/Guardian Consent and Emergency Treatment Form up to date.

    It contains your child's emergency phone numbers and names, health and emergency medical treatment information and names of individuals permitted to pick your child up from school. This is very important because we will not release your child to anyone not on your child's Consent From. Also, please remind anyone picking your child up to bring their ID.

    3. If your child rides the bus.

    Your child will be supervised on and off the bus. When the bus arrives, you or a designated person need to meet the bus. At drop-off if no one meets your child, he/she will be kept on the bus and returned to a designated site.

    4. If you are transporting or walking.

    Your child must arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class and be promptly picked up after class unless emergency arrangements have been made with the teacher. Your child must be delivered directly to a classroom staff person. Your child must never be left alone in front of the school. An ECEAP child may not be dropped off by a person under the age of 12.  For the safety of your children and those at the elementary, please drive slowly into our parking lot. Also, the cul-de-sac serves as a fire entrance. Please do not leave your car unattended outside of the parking lot.

    In the parking lot, remind your child to look both ways before walking, always hold onto a guardian's hand and to walk to and from the school building.