• Prescription or nonprescriptioopn medications (including cough drops) can only be taken at school if there are specific written directions from a licensed health care professional and signed written permission from a parent or guardian. Over-the-counter medications are not kept at school for student use. If your child requires medication during school hours, contact your school.

    For more details, please see Medication at School Policy #3416  &  Medication at School Procedure #3416.

    • All medication taken at school requires a health care provider order including prescription, over-the-counter, lotions, & chapstick.
    • Medication orders must be signed by both the health care provider & parent/guardian. 
    • Medication orders must be renewed each year.
    • Medication must come properly labeled & in the original container.
    • Check the expiration date – if possible bring in medication that doesn’t expire until the last day of June.
    • An inhaler may be carried by the student with permission from his/her health care provider and parent permission – it must be specified that this is okay on the order form & student must demonstrate proper use to the school nurse.  WA State recommends that a backup inhaler be kept in the health room if your student carries his/her inhaler at school. 
    • If your student uses an inhaler at home, he/she should have an inhaler at school.