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    How to set up your Bethel Gmail:

    Note:  If you do not have a complex password for MyBethel you will need to change your password in MyBethel to a complex* one before your account will connect. After you change your password in MyBethel, wait until the top of the next hour.  Your new password will then be active and you can proceed with the steps below.  

    *A complex password in Bethel is a combination of three of the following four components:  uppercase letter, lower case letter, number, symbol.

    1. Tap Settings
    2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    3. Under Accounts, select Add Account
    4. Tap Microsoft Exchange
    5. Enter your account info:  full Bethel email address in email box, skip domain box, full Bethel email address again in username box, myBethel password in password box, enter m.google.com in server box.
    6. Select Done.
    7. Select if you want mail and/or calendar connected.
    8. Access your mail by clicking on the mail icon in the dock and calendar by clicking on the calendar icon on the first screen.