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    Will students take devices home with them?

    • Grades 6 - 12 will take their devices home with them each night. The majority of classwork, notes, and homework will be either on or accessible from the device, making it necessary that students have access to their devices after school hours. Grades 6 - 12 will return their devices at the end of the school year and receive their same device and case when they return in the fall. 
    • Elementary K-5 will not take any device home. They remain in the child's classroom. 


    Will the school provide a case and/or accessories for the device?

    • The school provides each student with an iPad, case, charging cord and charging block. The cord and charging block should remain at home during the school year. The fully charged iPad MUST remain in the case and should be taken to school daily. Cord, case and charging blocks will be collected when the student turns in the iPad at the end of the school year or when the student leaves the district. Fines will be assessed to your students account for any non-Apple Branded or damaged Charger Block or Cord. If the issued case is missing, torn or damaged, charges will also be assessed. 


    Can my case be personalized? 

    • No. You can put a paper in the back of the case with your name for easy identification. Any case that is drawn on, damaged, torn or missing will have fines assessed. 


    How and where should devices be stored/cared for at home?

    • Every evening the device should be charged to 100% so that it is ready for use during the school day. Some families have a central collection point for all devices (i.e., the kitchen counter) after a certain hour in the evening.

    What is my family’s responsibility in monitoring what my child does on the device at home?

    • We encourage families to treat the school device just as they would any other device in the home that they are already monitoring. Encourage your student to use the device in a central area of the house. Ask to see the device randomly and scan your child's internet history and apps. The Digital Learning Team encourages set device free times. 

    My iPad is broken, lost or stolen. What do I do?

    If your device is any of the items listed below, let your school Librarian know. They can help guide you and get you set up with a new device if needed. Above all, it is imperative that every student has their iPad in hand so that they can continue engaging in instruction and learning.


    • The FIRST thing that the school will need you to do is file a police report IMMEDIATELY! You can do this online HERE. 


    • Secondly, let your librarian know your Police report number, and that you are sure it was stolen. We brick our iPads immediately and have a better chance of retrieving the device. Time is of the essence in the theft.

    • For a stolen device, you may be issued a temporary replacement and may have an assessed fine. If you are enrolled in the Apple Device Coverage program it is a $50 fine the first time. 
      • Inform your Librarian that you lost your iPad as soon as you can't find it. 
        • The librarian can then "Ping" your device, this makes the iPad make an alert sound, but also lets our technician obtain an exact geographical address of where your iPad is located. This won't tell us it is under your dresser or in your locker but will give us a better indication of where you need to look. 
        • If the device is lost longer than 24 hours, we will brick it until it is found.  

      • Lost devices are NOT covered under the Apple Coverage Program. If you cannot find a device after 1 week being lost,  we will assume that it has been lost and fines could be assessed. Because of this, we highly encourage keeping the device in the same place in the home ( like your kitchen, den or family area) when not using it or charging it. Always store your iPad with something that you have to bring home every day, like your backpack. 

          BROKEN DEVICES: 

    • Accidents do happen, but we are proud that the number of accidents that parents have to pay the full cost is less than 5%. This is because of our Apple Coverage Program. Bethel will continue to provide this opportunity to help cover costs for covered expenses that sometimes happen. For more information about deductibles and cost refer to the iPad coverage form. 
    • It is important to let your Librarian know as soon as possible that your device has an issue. A broken screen or bent iPad can be a problem both for our students and the device. Your librarian can do an evaluation of your device and let you know what the next steps will be. 
    • We know from the last few years that devices break less if they have their case kept on! Refrain from removing the case and protect yourself from any charges that may happen for broken or scratched iPads. 

    Can my child configure or personalize the device in any way?

    • iPads are meant to be personalized inside only. Your child can change the background pictures of the device. Your child can also download approved apps from the district self-service store and arrange them as they wish. Only apps that have been approved by the district are available in the self-service store.  

    Will students have email or other accounts?

    • Yes, your student already has a Bethel email account and access to Google apps for education through that account. Please encourage your student to keep their passwords private. Only you and your student should know their password to their account.

    Can my student use their personal iPad?

    • This is a complicated question. The only way we can mass manage devices is to have them enrolled in our JAMF software program, have access to our Self Service App Store which has district paid for licenses. 
    • Under very rare circumstances we can discuss using a personal iPad. 
      • Please note, this is NOT a common option, and currently, we do not have any students using this because we are able to accommodate all their needs with our devices. 
    • It is also important to know that personal devices will not have: 
      • Access to the Bethel App Store where curriculum based free and paid apps are available.
      • Internet filtering off-campus.
      • The difficulty with state testing on the iPad.
      • Limited teacher controls on the iPad (ability to unlock it, push resources to iPad, and put the iPad in secure testing mode. 
    • If you would like more detailed information on this option you may contact:
      • Michael Christianson, Chief Technology Officer
      • mchristian@bethelsd.org, (253)683-6720

    Can my student opt-out of the iPad program?

    • If you choose to opt-out of the iPad program, your student will be issued a daily check out iPad. Your student will go to the library in the morning, check out their school use iPad, and check in their iPad to the library at the end of the day. 
    • The iPad is an integral part of every student's instructional day and curriculum at BSD. That is why we check out a device to students so that they can access online resources such as books, calculators, and other integrated instructional apps.
    • Our secondary Science Curriculum is ONLY on a WEB Based program. They MUST have access to this daily or they will not be able to complete the course. 
    • If you have questions about opting out of the program, please contact your building administration. 

    When will my student be issued an iPad?

    2019 - August/September Deployment of iPads 

    This will vary depending on your school. Secondary schools may give them out at Get Your Stuff Day. Be sure to check with your student's school. 

    Where can my Student download apps?

    • Bethel has a school district app store called Self Service. All district approved apps are available for download from Self-Service free of charge. Look for the Self-Service app on your iPad. 


    How do I sign up for the iPad Coverage Program?

    • You can sign up for the iPad Coverage Program at any time in the school year. Preferably you would sign up for coverage before or when your student receives their iPad. The coverage program can be paid for online or at the time of deployment. Families may also choose to obtain private coverage at family expense and discretion. If you have questions about the program, please contact your student's school.
    • If you have declined insurance, and want to have insurance at a later date, the iPad must be inspected by your Librarian or ASB Clerk before it will be covered. 

    What is covered by the iPad Coverage Program?

    • See the iPad Coverage Form for rates, coverage, and more detailed information.

    Why did my student get a fine for the iPad when we turned everything in? 

    • Fines: The decision for fines is at the school/building level and will need to be discussed with them. Our asset managers/ Librarians are fantastic at tracking mishaps, but in a large school district, sometimes things get missed. We thank you for your patience in this matter,  our best suggestion for you and your student is to take pictures of anything that seems wrong ( ripped case upon delivery, the cord isn't charging, etc) immediately. The time to report after receiving your device is determined by your students' school but averages about a week. 
    • Case: The case must be free of vandalism, tears, rips or smell, and that it still protects the integrity of the iPad. If the case is any of these things when you first get the iPad, please go to your librarian right away to have it documented. 
    • Cords and Blocks: The charging cord and block MUST be an APPLE  charger and block. If it isn't, you will be charged to replace them both. The best thing to do is to keep the cord and block in a safe place and turn them in at the end of the year. If there is more than wear or tear on the cord or block, a fine may be assessed for the safety of future students and use.  
    • iPad: Sometimes, iPad damages are not known or assessed until the summer when our techs go through the iPads to reset them. Make sure to go over your child's iPad with them when you get it and before you turn it in to notate any damages. After a device is checked out to your child, all damages that happen will be assessed to your child. 
    • Again we recommend taking pictures of everything before turn in day. We do our best to be fair, diligent and thorough but occasionally we miss something. 

    How are iPad purchases funded?

    • The purchase of the iPads is funded by the 2014 Tech Levy that was passed by community voters.
    • This levy provided 1:1 technology to students during the 2017-2018 school year. 
    • We are happy to announce our Technology Levy was renewed in 2018, and we will continue to provide 1:1 iPads for our students in Bethel. 



    We try to continuously update this FAQ page. Sometimes verbiage changes and we have changed to systems or programs faster than the FAQ page. If you ever have any questions that you want to be sure about, don't see your question here or want to know more about something to do with our iPad program, please reach out through the Contact us google link or contact your local School Librarian.