• Grade Level: 11, 12

    Credits: 4.5 per year (1.5 per trimester)     

    Location: Onsite

    Dates: Year-Long Program

    Program Description: The Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students with preliminary training for careers in law enforcement. Upon completion of this program, students will have a working knowledge of criminal law, policing procedures, forensics, and their application to various divisions of the criminal justice system. 

    High School Credit Equivalencies: 1.5 - Fitness & Conditioning Activities, 1.5 CWI or Civics, 1.5 - CTE
    For specific school district equivalencies, see the Program Credit Equivalencies document located on the home page.

    College Credits (Subject to Change):
    Students who successfully meet course competencies and who earn a grade of C or better may be eligible to receive college credit from one of the following institutions:

    Pierce College - up to 17 credits

    Certifications: FEMA ICS 100, 200 & 700; First Aid/CPR

    Careers in this field:
    Police officer - Lawyer - Paralegal - Military Police - Correctional Officer - Probation Officer

    2022-23 Criminal Justice Syllabus ADA