Goals 2016/17

  • The Board of Directors has determined six major goals with actions items for the 2016-17 school year.  These goals are critical to obtaining Board’s goals and objectives.    

    Ensure Equity

    1. Continue programs, services and partnerships to ensure equity of opportunities districtwide.
    2. Implement the district equity action plan and monitor it to ensure that the district’s intended emphasis on equity is being realized.
    3. Create district equity policy.
    4. Continue monitoring results of the harassment, intimidation and bullying policy and program.

    Improve Academic Performance

    1. Improve graduation rates with a goal of 90% graduation.
    2. Use data to tailor the educational process to meet each individual student’s needs.
    3. Conduct a school program audit at CMMS, SMS and CMS.
    4. Monitor the success of Response to Intervention (RTI).
    5. Continue implementation of Digital Learning with reporting on how the implementation is affecting academic performance.

    Sustain Community-School Relations

    1. Continue collaboration with legislative, military and community groups.
    2. Continue work with government officials to provide sidewalks, community parks and support services to students and families in the district.

    Nurture Communications

    1. Continue to explore improvement of communications through technology opportunities that can actively engage and seek input from parents, teachers, students and the community.
    2. Examine opportunities to engage the Bethel community.
    3. Review Communications Department staffing and planning.

    Provide Guidance of Capital Construction

    1. Develop plans for next capital bond projects.
    2. Review/survey building maintenance needs.

    Enhance Operations

    1. Monitor district operations for opportunities to maximize cost effectiveness and ensure the district’s obligation to be a good steward of its resources.
    2. Provide reporting on efficiencies attained by the new transportation center.
    3. Ensure reliable technology service.