• Grade Level: 11, 12

    Credits: 4.5 per year

    Location: Onsite

    Dates: Year-Long Program

    Pre-Requisite: Biology; STEM-related classes

    Program Description: The Pre-Pharmacy Technology program introduces students to the skills necessary for entry-level positions in retail, hospital and mail order pharmacies. Students will learn how to process prescriptions, prepare IV medications, order and stock medications as well as operate and troubleshoot automated drug dispensing systems. This program will provide a foundation fo students who want to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician or pharmacist.

    Second year option: Medical Careers or Pre-Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

    High School Credit Equivalencies: 1.0 - Anatomy & Physiology; 1.0 - Health; 1.0 - Life Science; 1.5 - CTE

    Course equivalencies may require sending district administrator or counselor approval. Please check with your school counselor for more information.
    For specific school district equivalencies, see the Program Credit Equivalencies document located in the Enroll Now section.

    College Credits (Subject to Change): Students who successfully complete course competencies and have earned a grade of C or better may be eligible to earn college credits from one of the following institutions:

    Clover Park Technical College: up to 7.5 credits

    Bates: up to 4 credits

    Pierce College: up to 7 credits

    Certifications: Pharmacy Assistant; HIV/AIDS; First Aid/CPR

    Program Fees: Scrubs - $40-$50; Pharmacy Assistant Testing Fee - $50 (2022-23 rates, subject to change)

    Careers in this field:
    Pharmacy Technician - Pharmacy Assistant - Pharmacist - Medical Lab Technician - Toxicologist

    2022-23 Pre-Pharmacy Technology Syllabus ADA