iPad FAQ  

  • Parents/Guardians can complete the Hold harmless and iPad Coverage forms online here until September 30, 2019.

    After Oct 1, 2019, forms will still be available online, but payment will move to cash or check. Please contact the ASB Clerk at your students' school for more information. 

  • When Will iPads Be Deployed?
    2019-2020 School Year
    School Grade Date
    Bethel HS 9th-12th Aug 29th
    Graham-Kapowsin HS 9th-12th Aug 29th 
    Spanaway Lake HS
    9th-12th Aug 27th
    Challenger HS 9th-12th Aug 29th
    Bethel MS 6th-8th Aug 29th
    Cedarcrest MS 6th-8th TBD
    Cougar Mountain MS 6th Sept 10th
    Cougar Mountain MS 7th Sept 9th
    Cougar Mountain MS 8th Sept 6th
    Elk Plain School of Choice 6th-8th Sept 6th 
    Frontier MS 6th-8th Sept 6th
    Liberty MS 7th-8th Sept 9th 
    Liberty MS 6th  Sept 10th
    Spanaway MS 6th-8th TBD


    Elementary Schools (K-5) do not send iPads home. Typically students are given iPads in their classroom on the first day of school. Kindergarten can wait up to 2 weeks.
    If you have any further questions, please reach out to your school! 

  • Hold Harmless

    The Hold Harmless Agreement is a mandatory form for Bethel School District students to receive an iPad. By signing this form it is agreed that: 

    • The student will immediately report any damage, lost, or stolen devices. 
    • If an iPad is lost, the full replacement of the iPad will be fined to the students account unless the iPad can be found.
    • If an iPad is stolen or damaged, fines will be placed on the students account to either replace or repair the iPad.* 

    Additionally, all the accessories issued will be returned after the school year or when the student leaves Bethel School District. iPad accessories are not included in the iPad Coverage Program. 

    iPad accessories include:

    • (1)    Apple-branded iPad 10w or 12w block 
    • (1)    3 ft Apple brand charging cable
    • (1)    Case for the iPad 

     All issued items not returned will result in a fine on your student's account. 

     *Subject to the enrollment of the iPad Coverage Program. 

     iPad Coverage Program (Optional) 

    The iPad Coverage Program is a fantastic optional opportunity to cover the cost of most mishaps that could happen to your students iPad.

    The iPad Coverage Program is only available for Middle School and High School students.

    The program helps ease the burden or worry of financial hardship that may come up due to damage that may happen that require replacing the entire iPad. Examples of typical damages we see are:

    • Broken screen 
    • Bent iPads
    • Natural disasters
    • Stolen iPads

    The iPad Coverage Program will cover one school year and is non-refundable. This program does not cover the cord, case, or intentional damage to the iPad. Electing or declining coverage is required to receive your students iPad.