iPad Forms

  • Hold Harmless

    The Hold Harmless Agreement is a mandatory form. If this form is not signed your student will not be able to receive their iPad. By signing this form, you agree that you will report any damage, lost or stolen devices immediately and that if your iPad is lost, stolen or damaged you will be responsible for the repair or the full cost of replacement if you elect not to have the optional iPad Coverage Program. 

    Your student may also have a Student Acceptance Policy that is given to them at the time of receiving an iPad. If your school has one, they are available for your viewing from the Librarian. 


     iPad Coverage Program (Optional) 

    The iPad Coverage Program is a fantastic optional opportunity to cover the cost of most mishaps that could happen to your students iPad. The iPad Coverage Program is only available for Middle School and High School students. By electing to have this coverage, you are preventing the financial hardship of replacing the entire iPad, or damage that may happen to the iPad such as a broken screen, a natural disaster, or a stolen iPad. Annual costs of the program can be found on the form to the left.  Electing or declining coverage is required to receive your students iPad. The iPad Coverage Program will cover one school year and is non-refundable. 

    This program does not cover the cord, case, or intentional damage to the iPad. 


    You can complete all of the above forms online here until September 30, 2019. After Oct 1, 2019, you will need to print out the forms to the left and sign them. To pay for the iPad coverage, contact your ASB Clerk at your school. To log in, you will need your students' ID number (6 digits with a leading 0) and last name. This same process will need to happen for each student.