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    Graham Elementary School has a much richer history than many realize. The Graham Elementary we all know was built in 1988, but the spirit of the school has existed for much, much longer. The community of Graham was founded in 1903 as a post office and lumber train stop for the Tacoma Eastern Railway. It was named Graham because the first mail was delivered there to Mr. Graham, the timber company foreman. The one-room Graham School was built sometime around 1912 and housed students until 1949.

Graham Elementary School
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    Posted by TIMRA KNOX on 8/21/2017

    Mr. Malone's Memories

    Glenn Malone knows Graham Elementary School better than most. Before it was even built, Mr. Malone was hired to be on the school’s planning team. Once it opened in 1988, Mr. Malone was one of the first teachers on staff. He taught fourth and fifth grade at Graham Elementary for three years, and both his children attended the school. His wife, Tami, also worked there as a special education teacher for many years.  

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