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    The Bethel school with the most colorful history is without a doubt Challenger High School. Challenger (first known as Bethel Alternative School) began in 1974 with only six students, and all classes were taught in student homes. Looking for more space, in 1977 Challenger actually converted a school bus into a mobile classroom. That unique set-up lasted until 1979, when the school moved to a three-bedroom home at 171st and Pacific Avenue in Spanaway. The school moved again in 1985, but it wasn’t until 1987 that Challenger made its most long-term relocation. That year, the district set up seven portable classrooms at 1820 East B Street, where the school has lived for more than 20 years. Challenger has added more portable classrooms in the intervening years, but long-term plans call for the school to have a permanent building in the future.

Challenger High School
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    Posted by TIMRA KNOX on 8/4/2017

    "I had the very first class at my parents' house in 1974. Mr. Anderson was the teacher" -- Debbie Arnett Stutheit 


    "I went to Bethel Alternative in a house behind Little Park Restaurant 1984" -- Deanne Gardner 


    "Many staff members contributed to my success. Mr. Foote, Ms. Parks, and Mr. Palmer, And Mr. Foster! 2011 was also the first class to be announced as Challenger High School not alternative graduates" -- Haley Brown, class of 2011


    "My daughter attended Challenger High School for her Freshman through Senior years. She graduated in 2013 from CHS and graduated with a Bachelors Degree from PLU this past May!" -- Shannon Cheek-Johnson 


    "I graduated from Challenger in 1998 and walked with my 2 month old daughter!" -- Tara Garratt 


    "I went to Bethel Alternative in a house behind Little Park Restaurant in 1983" -- Virgina Gorley

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