Digital Citizenship and Online Safety for Bethel Students

    Internet Filtering:

     BSD students have all of their internet filtered through federally compliant filters at school and outside of school regardless of the wifi that the student joins.  This filter makes certain (non-curricular) sites blocked. 

    Device Safety:

    All BSD issued iPads are managed through a mobile device management (MDM).  This software provides BSD with the following five safeguards for protecting these devices:

    1. If an iPad gets stolen or lost the iPad will be turned into a "brick" or otherwise rendered unusable by anyone.  When the iPad is returned to the district, the district can "unbrick" the iPad, and the student can use it again.
    2. The App store is restricted to age-appropriate apps as outlined in federal guidelines.
    3. BSD provides a Bethel specific app store called Self-Service which hosts all free and paid curricular apps and iBooks.
    4. BSD can regulate which apps are able to be downloaded from the Apple App Store.  If a blocked app becomes downloaded, then the iPad begins to lose functionality like camera and app store. The student receives a list of blocked apps and information on how to delete the offending app.  Their device returns to full functionality within 24 hours of the removal of the blocked app. 
    5. BSD can fix most issues with the iPad remotely so that the student can continue to use the iPad in teaching and learning successfully.
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