• Spanaway Elementary School 

    Spanaway Elementary School officially opened its doors to students in 1928, but it was far from the first elementary school in Spanaway. Built way back in 1869, the first school in Spanway was built on the shouthwest shores of Spanaway Lake. In 1891, a new Spanaway school opened its doors south of 166th between A and B streets. Unlike many of the single-room schools of that era, this was a two-story building that had four teaching rooms and a basement that housed a play area and a lunchroom. The school was torn down in 1928 and a new Spanaway Elementary was built on Pacific Avenue. That school underwent a litany of changes, including expansions in 1941, 1968, and 1969. In 1970 the original brick building was demolished, and in 2011 an entirely new school was built next door. The old Spanaway Elementary School was finally demolished in 2016.

Spanaway Elementary