Parent/Guardian Suggested Use and Guidelines 

    To receive an iPad during deployment, you must attend a deployment event at your school. After deployment, students and their families should contact the students' school librarian. It is required to sign a Hold Harmless Form, accept or decline the optional iPad Coverage, sign the Student Expectations form and sign any other student expectations forms needed by the school. If you do not, an iPad will not be issued to your student. 

    Monitor Student Progress

    BSD encourages parents and guardians to use the iPad to monitor their child’s academic progress and communicate electronically with their child’s teacher(s). Ask your students to show you what they have learned and created with the iPad, and discuss how they use the device in school.

    Canvas Mobile App
    Parents and guardians can use the Canvas app installed on the iPad to view their child’s grades, coursework, and upcoming assignments. At this time, the district is adopting Canvas as the learning management system and teachers have the option to use Canvas or not in their classrooms.

    Email Communications
    Parents may also use the Safari browser app to log in to their personal email account to send emails to their child’s teacher(s). Parents and guardians should not add a personal email account to the iPad’s built-in Mail app because personal emails may be visible to anyone who accesses the device.

    Parenting in the Digital Age 

    While iPads are a powerful learning tool, it is essential for families to set boundaries around the proper use of the iPad at home. As a parent or guardian, you have the final say as to how much your child uses the iPad at home. Here are some tips on how you can help your child become a safe and responsible digital citizen.

    Rules for Home iPad Use
    Set standards for your child’s use of the iPad at home:

    • The iPad should be FIRST used to complete school work before students use the iPad to visit the Internet, play games or music.
    • Check your child’s iPad and their school work regularly.
    • To supervise the iPad’s use, have your child use the iPad in a central location like the kitchen or living room.
    • To avoid unsupervised iPad use, charge the iPad in a central location of the home. 
    • If your child is not following your rules, you have the right to limit access to the device.
    • Encourage your student to leave the case on, inspect it often to ensure no damage has occurred to the case, iPad or charger. Discourage any graffiti on the iPad, case, cord or charger block. These will result in damage charges at the end of the year. 

    Parent Tips and Resources
    Common Sense Media provides tips on how to monitor children’s safe and responsible Internet use. 

    • Using social media responsibly
    • Guidelines for monitoring screen time and setting age-appropriate schedules
    • Educational websites for young children
    • Managing cell phone use
    • Signing a Family Agreement with an age-appropriate checklist to guide conversations with your child about the responsible use of media and technology

    iPad Content is Not Private
    Because iPads are district property, school/district administration has access to each iPads Internet history, photos, and other information. Students are required to unlock the iPad upon request by district staff.

    Apps Not Allowed on BSD iPads
    Certain apps are not allowed on BSD iPads due to concerns such as student privacy and online safety. Other apps may be added to this list in the future. Students also have access to the Bethel App Store called Self-Service where all curricular apps they have access to have been fully approved by district staff including free and paid apps.