Challenger High School (New Building)

  • Students, staff, and parents were thrilled to finally get a look at the brand new Challenger High when school began earlier this month.

    Phase II of the project wrapped up on schedule, and the 31,000-square foot structure is now open and in use. The project added more classroom space, common areas, and sports facilities.

    “It was a really exciting project because it took all of our students at Challenger High School out of really dilapidated portables into a brand new space,” said Sara Coccia, the district’s Director of Construction and Planning.


    Once the main campus was finished, crews turned their attention to the old portables that had been used as classrooms for the past several decades. The portables were demolished and cleared out, making room for outdoor space on the campus, including a sports field.

Building Statistics

  • Capacity: 

    Current Enrollment: 261

    Number of Portable Classrooms: 13

    Year Built: 1988

    Current Square Footage: 31,000