Evergreen Elementary (Renovate and Expand)

  • Concept drawing of a modernized Evergreen Elementary

    Once the New Naches Trail Elementary School is completed and staff and students move into the new building, the old Naches Trail Elementary will be home for the Evergreen Elementary staff and students while the renovation and expansion of their school takes place.

    This project will modernize the current Evergreen Elementary building, which was originally built in 1979, and will add 15,000 square feet to the school.

    Our School Board recently awarded the pre-construction phase of the Evergreen Elementary School expansion and renovation to Korsmo Construction.
    The project is scheduled to be completed in 2025.

Bond Project Update

Building Statistics

  • Current Capacity: 391

    Current Enrollment: 532

    Number of Portables: 10

    Year Built: 1979

    Date of Expansion/Remodel: None

    Current Square Footage: 47,958