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    Childcare Options for Bethel Families

    As a public school system, Bethel provides instruction and support for students in kindergarten through grade 12 during regular school hours.

    However, because many families require childcare options before and after the school day, the district makes it a priority to offer the best possible childcare for parents and employees.

    After a year of study, we are pleased to announce that the nationally recognized before- and after-school program Right at School is coming to serve the families of the Bethel School District in the fall of 2018. We believe this partnership will be a great service to our hard-working families.

    When researching vendors, Bethel leaders were most interested in a program which is:

       -        Designed for students in elementary school
       -        Aligned to academic standards that offer a continuum of services
       -        Flexible in payment options for families
       -        Able to provide childcare from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    Right At School curriculum features hands-on learning, multi-sensory activities, child-driven projects, daily fitness, team building, and leadership development.


    Contact Information: 1-855-287-2466, email at info@right@school.com, or visit www.rightatschool.com

    Area Manager: Sarah Gore 253-329-6223 sarah.gore@rightatschool.com
    Senior Program Manager: Megan Briggs 253-514-2329 megan.briggs@rightatschool.com


    Who is Right at School

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    Program Flexibility

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I register my child for Right At School?
    A: Click here to register today. 

    QWhat does a typical Right At School schedule look like for students?
    APlease click here to learn more about a typical schedule.

    Q: Does Right At School honor state assistance payments for qualifying families?
    A: Yes, Right At School honors state assistance payments for qualifying families.

    Q: Does Right At School offer childcare on supplemental days, professional days, early release, etc.?
    A: Yes, Right At School offers childcare on days when staff report to school, but students do not.

    Q: Does Right At School offer childcare during winter break?
    A: Yes, Right At School offers childcare during winter break.

    Q: Will Right At School offer summer childcare?
    A: Yes, Right At School will offer summer childcare starting in 2018.

    Q: Is there a waitlist for Right At School?
    A: Right At School does not have a maximum attendance at each site. They staff according to student enrollment.