• Welcome to Elk Plain K-8’s one-stop shop for Student Athletes! Our goal is to centralize the sign up, transportation, and communication systems here at Elk Plain to improve the experience for students AND their parents. Participating in sports at your neighborhood school is an excellent experience and we want to support you! It’s also a bit complicated, so please follow the directions below.


    Elk Plain Student Athletes have 3 options for being transported for Sports.


    1. Parents provide transportation to neighborhood school (please see note below).
    2. Student rides bus to neighborhood school. NOTE: For students participating on Frontier or Cougar Mountain teams, using this option will result in arriving late to practice.                                                                                                     

    Notes on Parent Transportation

    • Student Athletes will be released from their final class of the day 10 minutes early so that they can get ready and/or be picked up.
    • Parents picking up student athletes may park in the grass parking lot just west of the portables. This will allow easy access in and out. Students may go directly to their parents’ car.

    Transportation on Game Days

    Student athletes and families will be provided with an ‘At a Glance’ calendar of competitions for the locations of all competitions during that season. The calendar will also contain a box identifying what Elk Plain bus goes to which destination. A Season Bus pass will be issued to Elk Plain Student Athletes so that they can ride any of these buses.

    Parents may also choose to transport their students to competitions.


    Register for Middle School Athletics      

    Pease click this link to register you middle school student for team athletics. It will open up an email message to Rhonda Gibson in the Athletics Department. Provide your students name, sport and home school and she will get you registered. Please note that students MUST play at their neighborhood school.  Students are also required to stop by the Elk Plain office to add their name to the school sports document.

    Note: Your physical form will have to be turned in to Elk Plain. We will scan a copy to the school where you’ll turn out and keep the original on file at Elk Plain.


    Other Things Affecting Student Athletes

    Space for Changing

    Changing: During Winter 1 and 2 seasons, numbers of athletes are low and changing will be accommodated at Elk Plain in the restrooms opposite the gym. During Fall and Spring seasons, we will determine the space needed and adapt, with the most likely changing location being the restrooms in the portable classrooms.


    Although we have a limited number of combination lockers we will offer students, these lockers are very narrow and in poor shape. Space is at a premium at Elk Plain and we will work with each individual to try and find a workable solution for storage. SPECIAL NOTE FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS: It will be challenging to store equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads. Please try to coordinate keeping these items either with your coach or at home.


    • Parents’ emails will be collected during the sign up process. Elk Plain will then create email groups each season and use them to update parents when there are changes such as rain outs or cancelled games/practices.
    • An updated Webpage with…

    At a glance calendar of games for the season and buses that will take students from Elk Plain to the competitions.

    These directions