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Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back Hybrid Update:  Kindergarten and 1st grade families

    We Did It!!! Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience throughout this year and into our transition to hybrid learning.  For those who drive your students, I know that especially in the afternoons, traffic will back up and block 264th Street, especially as we bring back the Cohorts in grades 2-5 for hybrid learning.  We are constantly looking for solutions to help relieve this backup. We will continue to work with our staff and students to increase our efficiency in our parent loop while continuing to meet safety requirements.

    Safety: Our building protocols are in place and have made for a smooth and safe transition of Kinder and 1st grade into the classrooms. We are continuing to monitor and adjust as needed as we prepare for 2nd and 3rd grade to begin their hybrid cohorts next week.  You can view our building protocols online: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KZ5YD5u9oyZdey7sk_2gXOokIjpX4nENCMprJQm-iC4/edit?usp=sharing

    Masks: As of January 22, the district does not allow the use of gaiters or bandanas as cloth face coverings.  They do not meet the health department guidelines for safety.

    Parent Pick-Up & Drop-Off : 

    • When you arrive in the AM, please remember to pull all the way forward before letting your student out of the vehicle (this will allow parents behind you to do the same).
    • Staff will confirm with parents at 10:45 that it is time for students to exit the car and enter the building. If your student needs help getting out of the vehicle and ready to enter the building, feel free to step out of your vehicle and help.
    • Remember, when arriving in the PM, pull as far forward as you can in the loop (or pull up to the colored cone as directed by Mrs. Treber). Parents must stay in or at your car.
    • Always use caution when driving in the thru lane (inside lane of the loop) to avoid others who may be entering or exiting their vehicles.


    • Food continues to be available for every student (daily lunch at school and daily take-home bags)
    • If your student is bringing home food and you do not want or need it, please communicate with your student’s teacher.  Otherwise, we will not deny any student the option for a school lunch or take home bags of food.

    The School Day:

    • It has been wonderful to see your students engaged in learning and interacting with their teacher and classmates in their Cohort.  If feels like “real school” again!
    • Recess is a huge hit!  Even though there are some safety limitations on the playground, students are so excited to play on the playground or as some of them referred to it, “the park” 
    • Staff feedback reflects that teachers feel they are truly able to meet students needs (academic and social) better now that they are seeing them in person. The energy in the classrooms has been wonderful.

    This is the first time any of us have done this and so much is new and seems to be in constant change.  Please grant grace to others as we all navigate these new systems.  Also, do not hesitate to reach out with concerns or input you may have.  Take care and stay healthy!


    David M. Cordell, Principal



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