•  safe routes to school

    Bethel School District has the responsibility to ensure student safety when walking to school and riding buses as per Policy 6605. In Washington State, school districts are responsible for developing a walking route for each elementary school in their district where children walk to and from school. A walking route to school is based on considerations of traffic patterns and existing traffic controls such as crosswalks, traffic lights, or school safety patrol posts. The chosen route should seek to limit the number of school zone crossings in a way that encourages students to cross streets in groups. In addition, it should seek those routes that provide the greatest physical separation between walking children and traffic, expose children to the lowest speeds and volumes of moving vehicles, and have the fewest number of road or rail  crossings. 

    Four schools have been deemed as 'No Walk Zones': 

    • Graham Kapowsin High School 
    • Frontier Middle School 
    • Nelson Elementary 
    • Kapowsin Elementary 

     Schools with limited walk zones are: 

    • Centennial Elementary 
    • North Star Elementary 
    • Rocky Ridge Elementary 

    If you have questions, please contact the Transportation department at 253.800.5900