• Fall sports  


    Fall Sports 2018


    We are now preparing for our successful Fall 2018-19 Season.  Many teams are lifting, running and getting ready to make an impact.  


    First Practice for Football is August 15th and all other sports start on August 20th.


    Our Fall Sports information is listed below.  To be eligible to try out on the first day of practice all athletes must have been properly registered for the sport on Skyward and have a hard copy of their up-to-date physical turned in to the athletic office.  The directions for registering on Skyward are on the bottom of this page.  If you want to check your student athlete’s physical expiration date, call Mr. Johnson during office hours listed below.


    When the student-athlete makes a team they need to have purchased an ASB card and Pay to Participate fees.  This information is also listed on the bottom of this page.



    Mr. Johnson’s Office hours

    August 8th    7 am - 3 pm

    August 13th    7 am - 3 pm

    August 14th    7 pm - 3 pm

    August 15th    7 am - 3 pm

    August 16th   7 am - 3 pm

    August 17th    7 am - 3 pm


    All Sports Schedules can be accessed on this link:  PCL Athletics



    Cross Country

    Boys Head Coach- Lonnie McCann cmccann@bethelsd.org

    Girls Head Coach- Kim McCann kmccann@bethelsd.org

    First Practice- August 20th at 5:00 PM, Meet on the track bleachers at BHS.

    Varsity Schedule-   Boys:   BHS Boys X Country    Girls:  BHS Girls X Country



    Head Coach- Mr. Iddins middins@bethelsd.org

    First Practice- August 15th   Time 8:00 Crate Field

    Varsity Schedule- BHS Football



    Boys Head Coach- Andrew Shoot ashoot@bethelsd.org

    Girls Head Coach- John Ainsle  jainsle@bethelsd.org

    First Practice- August 20th  4-6PM prior to the start of school at The Classic Golf Course

    Boys Varsity Schedule- BHS Boys Golf    

    Girls Varsity Schedule- BHS Girls Golf


    Soccer - Girls

    Head Coach- Markelle Gallagher mgallagher@bethelsd.org

    First Practice- August 20th10:00 at Art Crate Field

    Varsity Schedule- BHS Girls Soccer  


    Swimming - Girls

    Head Coach- Jamie Braudway JBRAUDWAY@bethelsd.org

    First Practice- August 20th@ BHS Library 2:30

    Varsity Schedule- BHS Girls Swimming


    Tennis - Boys

    Head Coach- Phil Misley pmisley@bethelsd.org              

    First Practice- August 20th  4:00pm BHS tennis courts. 

    Varsity Schedule-  BHS Boys Tennis



    Head Coach- Heather Sloan   Hsloan@bethelsd.org 

    First Practices - August 20th  and Weekdays 9:00 - 11:00 & 1:00 - 3:00  lunch in beetween.  Saturdays 9:00 - 12:00.           

    Varsity Schedule - BHS Girls Volleyball  



    To sign your child up for high school sports, you will need to log into your Family Access account. From your parent account click on the 'District Links' icon in the upper right hand corner, then select your school's athletic forms from the menu. Once the athletic forms are completed online, you child's school will be immediately notified.

    Please be advised that these forms can only be access from the parent account. This feature is not available in the student version of Family Access.

    If you do not have a Family Access account, please contact BHS registrar at 253-683-7084.

    To complete the eligibility process, you must have a current, hard copy of your child's sport physical on file with the school. Physical forms must be valid for the entire athletic season in which your child is participating. 

    Athletes need to make certain all of the required documentation is submitted in order to receive their clearance.  Physical forms and a copy of the Athletics Handbook may be downloaded from the BSD Athletic Website. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any practice until they obtain clearance. Incomplete documentation will not be accepted.



    Before you can turn out for a sport you must complete the required forms.  Before they are allowed to participate in competition they will need to make sure all necessary fees are paid.

    Physical Form - Signed by a doctor - good for 13 months from the physical exam and must be current for the entire length of the sport season in which the athlete is participating.

    A completed Skyward Eligibility submitted to the School District through the Parent Skyward account.

    Purchase an ASB card at your school

    Pay the Athletic Participation Fee - Must be paid prior to competing in a contest each season. For those who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch there is a discount of 50% for Free and 25% for Reduced Lunch. (Proof of eligibility required at time of payment.)



    The ASB and Pay-to-Participate fee must be paid prior to the first contest. Athletes that haven't cleared previous fees will not be cleared for a new sport. 

    ASB $40.00

    Pay-To-Participate $40.00 (per sport season)



    Senior athletes/parents wishing to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse: (click here)


    ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:  Jason Johnson

    PHONE: (253) 683-7073

    EMAIL: jaajohnson@bethelsd.org