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    Bethel is proud to continue our partnership with Common Sense Media!

    We have been a Common Sense School District since June 2018!

    We at Bethel are committed to providing a safe space for students that promotes innovative learning as they embark through a technology era in education and life. Each of our schools had to meet specific requirements to earn this achievement. We are very proud of our Bethel Community and the schools that worked hard to make this happen. Thank you! 


    Common Sense Media not only gives parents great resources for our educators to teach digital citizenship, but it also has terrific information for movies, games, and guidelines to have a healthy media home! 

    Media is EVERYWHERE, and screen time is considered any time that a screen is on in the room. Did you know if your student is watching TV and on their phone, they count as separate screen time? Your student could quickly put in 4 hours of screen time between getting home from school and before dinner! Defining screen time can help families get a grasp on if screen time is an issue and how to move forward with simple ground rules like, if you are on the phone, we need to turn off the flix! 

    Common Sense Media (CSM) has several videos, articles, and information about Parent Concerns. These range from "How much screen time is too much for my toddler " to "Cell Phone Parenting."  There are also forums available to you as a parent to ask questions that are answered by other parents and caring CSM Staff. 

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