Early Childhood Education

  • A good foundation in preschool can make a lasting difference in a child’s academic development. Research shows the earlier a student starts learning their ABCs, sounds, and numbers, the more successful they will be. 
    What makes our programs unique?

    Bethel has aligned instructional resources and materials are extended from the K-12 system to give kids a seamless exposure to learning strategies, vocabulary, and content in reading and mathematics. A certificated teacher provides instruction, which is both nurturing and constructive. The students learn routines and proper behaviors. But, there is also a solid focus on learning essential concepts, like letters, sounds and numbers, which research has shown lead to lifelong achievement.

    We provide students with a state-of-the-art environment specifically designed to facilitate and encourage early childhood learning. Hands-on activities provide meaningful, creative experiences while fostering self-confidence and an excitement for learning. This unique learning environment provides rich and varied opportunities for in-depth exploration and discovery, while incorporating the broader goals of language development, science inquiry, math awareness, creative arts exploration, and social and emotional growth.

    The district’s early learning staff represent some of the best in the field. Bethel’s teachers are sought out to teach at conferences and lead staff trainings on topics such as systems, learning models, Response to Intervention(RTI), and mathematics with the Gates Foundation. Our early childhood experts know young children thrive in nurturing environments that encourage and support discovery and the construction of knowledge through exploration and experimentation in a variety of settings. In preschool classrooms, the play setting has the most integrity for young children. As students reconstruct and experience their own worlds, genuine learning results. 

    Our programs:


    Special Education Preschool

    Pay to Go Preschool

    We look forward to being a partner in your child's academic success. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Preschool Enrollment

  • For all programs, you will need:

    • Your child’s birth certificate
    • Your child’s immunizations
    • Proof of Residency of the Bethel School District: water bill, rental agreement

    ECEAP only:

    • Proof of income for the last 12 months
      TANF award letter
    • Your last W2
    • Your last tax statement
    • Child support
    • Paystubs