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  • industry advisor

  • Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee volunteers help plan the training for our future workforce. The guidance and advice of local advisory committee members can help ensure students are learning the most current skills needed in the workplace. High school CTE is an organized system of programs, which are directly related to preparation for careers. Bringing employers, parents, students and educators together on Advisory Committees provides a format for sharing information and ideas.

  • Program Specific Advisory

    A Program Specific Advisory committee focuses on providing direction and guidance to Administrators and teachers for a specific CTE program offered by a district. Therefore, this committee may include industry personnel from occupations specific to the program, students and parents of students who are participating in the programs. 


    Arts & Communication
    Business & Marketing
    Human Services
    Health Sciences
    Information Technology
    Science & Natural Resources


    General Advisory

    A General Advisory Committee (GAC) provides direction and guidance to administrators and governing boards for the entire Career and Technical Education program offered by a district. The General Advisory is responsible for creating and approving the Districtwide Plan as developed through program evaluation and specific program goals. For example, the GAC may be made up of the Program Specific Advisory Committee chairs from all the CTE programs.

  • We are always looking for community members to join our team as an advisory member!


    This is a great opportunity for working professionals to have a say in our course curriculum!


    If you are interested or would like more information, please contact our office at: