Pass/Fail Course Options, Academic Guidance

  • High School Pass / Fail Option Grade Courses

    Pass/Fail grading is an option for English Language Learner (ELL) students in all courses.

    Eligibility for pass/fail grading in each course is based on the recommendation of both the content area teacher and the ELL teacher.

    For special education students, it is the Individual Education Program (IEP) team that determines their graduation plan and needed accommodations, including the use of modified grading or course substitutions. The IEP team must document both the plan and accommodations. Each general education teacher will receive information indicating the need for a modified grade (e.g. pass/fail) or other accommodations. See your counselor if you have questions regarding pass/fail grades.


    Waiver for Course and Program Requirements

    Physical Education Waiver - Students may request to waive Physical Education requirements for physical activity monitored by a coach for participation in school or competitive sports. This entire requirement may be waived for medical or religious reasons. See your counselor for forms.  (This does not reduce the number of credits required for graduation.)

    Other Course Waivers - A student or parent(s) may submit to the principal a request to waive non-statutory or local course requirements. The principal may waive requirements when it is in the best interest of the student. When a course requirement is waived, it will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.

    Credit for Courses Taken Outside the High School Setting - Under certain conditions, credit towards high school graduation may be granted by the high school principal for courses from other approved schools or institutions. Prior approval must be obtained from the principal or the principal’s designee.


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