Course Selection Overview

  • We hope this guide will answer your questions as you select high school courses for registration. Teams from all schools have worked hard to provide the most important and up-to-date information for your use. Below are important considerations in using this document:

    • Availability - This course catalog is a listing of every course that may be offered at the high school level. Courses may differ by school - not every course listed here may be available at your student’s school.  


    •  Options - Each year, individual schools will provide a building-specific list of the courses available on their registration forms.


    •  Changes - Even when a course is listed on a registration form, if there is not sufficient enrollment to run the course it may be cancelled and replaced on a student’s schedule with an alternative. Also, if a student has omitted a graduation requirement during the selection process, counselors will change the student’s schedule to make sure the student is able to enroll in the courses needed for graduation.


    •  Requirements - Pay close attention to course descriptions as some courses are only available for students in specific grade levels, have fees, or require prerequisites, auditions, or instructor permission.


    •  Course length - Courses are offered in three durations:

                          a single trimester (12 weeks, .5 credit)

                          two trimesters (24 weeks, 1.0 credit)

                          three trimesters (36 weeks, 1.5 credits)


    • Questions? Please contact the counseling office of the appropriate high school for assistance:

    Bethel HS                       253-683-7049

    Challenger HS                253-683-6884

    Graham Kapowsin HS    253-683-6176

    Spanaway Lake HS        253-683-5659


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