Student Assistants

  • A maximum of one (1) credit will be allowed during the four years of high school.

    Grade Level: 11, 12 repeatable for two trimesters only

    Credit: Elective 0.5

    Prerequisite: Application and approval



    Computer Technology Assistants: Students will provide technology support. Students will work with and take direction from the building technology support team including the technology Teachers on Special Assignment(TOSAs), building technicians and building administrative staff.


    Peer Tutor Assistants: Students are assigned to a variety of academic tasks. Duties include working with special education students in the resource and regular classrooms. These assistants will assist in note taking, reading and working with a team of people to support students.

    Teacher Assistants: Students work in the classroom. Duties include helping teachers to prepare materials and displays, photocopy, record data, tutor occasionally and set up audiovisual equipment.

    Custodial Assistants: Students are assigned to various places in the building. Duties include moving tables and chairs, maintenance, sweeping, vacuuming, general cleaning and emptying trash.

    Library Assistants: Students work in the Library. Duties include re-shelving books, processing materials, maintaining displays, delivering materials to classrooms, working at the checkout counter and cleaning tables.


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