General Electives

  • College Test Prep (GEN 301)

    Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

    Credit: Elective .5

    This one trimester course helps students prepare to take the tests required for four year college admission (ACT and SAT), or course placement tests such as the Accuplacer/Compass used by two year colleges. Students will learn test taking strategies, review English, math, and science content, take practice tests, and discover ways to reduce test anxiety.

    Senior Survival (CTE 401 / GEN 401)

    Grade Level: 12

    Credit: Elective .5

    Prerequisite: completion of the 3 credits of math required for graduation

    In this one trimester course, students will learn life skills that will help them navigate the adult world after graduation. Instruction will cover understanding phone plans, paychecks, banking, interest rates, investing, taxes, loans, credit cards, job applications, budgets, car leasing/purchasing, rental agreements, bills, health insurance, and overall finances. Learning experiences related to getting and keeping a job, leadership, teamwork, building healthy relationships, dealing with emotions, and being resilient in the face of disappointments and setbacks will also be part of this course.


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