Work Based Learning

  • Work Based Learning (WBL) (CTW 207/208) 

    Grade Level: 11, 12 repeatable 

    Credit: Occupational/CTE, Careers or Elective 0.5 for 180 work hours 

    Prerequisite: Students must have completed/passed or be currently enrolled in a CTE qualifying class. Please see the Work-Based Learning Coordinator to verify completion of a qualifying class. Approval of Work-Based Learning Coordinator is required. Students must be employed and be 16 years old when they register for a work-based learning experience. A learning plan, agreement, application and documentation of new employee orientation are required. No work hours can be counted until all paperwork is completed. Assignments will assist students in developing those skills identified by business and industry as being important to employment. Some of the assignment topics include employability skills, business ethics, personal relations on the job and legal issues facing workers. Students must also be enrolled in or have taken a qualifying course (a concurrent or previously completed course that is related to the work experience.) Students must provide their own transportation to work and employers must adhere to state and federal laws. Students can earn .25 credits for 90 hours of paid work and 0.5 credit 180 hours of paid work. Students can earn up to 1.5 credits in a year.


    WBL Computer Technician (CTW 213/214) 

    Grade Level: 11, 12 repeatable 

    Credit: Occupational/CTE or Elective 0.5 

    Prerequisite: Approval of Work-Based Learning Coordinator is required. 

    Students enrolled in the work-based learning technology support class will provide building technology support to teachers, students, and other building staff during their assigned class period. Assignments will assist students in developing those technology skills required to support customers. Students will work with and take direction from the building technology support team including the technology Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs), building technicians, building librarian, and building administrative staff. 


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