Q13: Bethel security upgrades

Q13: Inside an active shooter drill

  • Emergency Containers

    new container

    Every school in our district has a large Emergency Container to keep students and staff safe in the aftermath of a large-scale earthquake or other emergency. In addition to multiple 55-gallon water drums, each container holds heaters, a generator, tools, lights, first aid kits, and enough food to feed students and staff for 72 hours. To read more, click here

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  • Leading the way with safe and efficient buses

    A propane bus sits in the sunshine with two staff members talking

    Bethel’s Transportation Department has long been viewed as a leader and innovator when it comes to safe and efficient school buses.

    Over the past five years, the district has been replacing some of its old diesel buses with new, more fuel-efficient propane school buses. So far, 32 of Bethel’s 216 school buses run on propane.

    Thanks to a generous grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, the district will soon get nine more buses that have the cleanest emissions on the market. Bethel will be the first district in the country to use the Blue Bird Vision propane buses, which are 90% cleaner than the current EPA standards.

    Not only are the propane buses more environmentally friendly, but they’re also much quieter. Bus drivers say that feature makes their job easier and makes for a safer drive.

    “When you have students in the back that are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing or following the rules, you’re able to kind of hear what they’re doing,” driver Josette Camacho told KOMO News, which recently came to Bethel to report on the new buses.

    The nine new buses will be on the road by the beginning of next school year. In order to safely and efficiently fuel all of those buses, the district will also add a new 4,000-gallon propane tank by the fall.


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  • Q13: Bethel Superintendent talks quest for school safety


    SPANAWAY, Wash. – This weekend marks 20 years since the Columbine High School shooting.  Over the last two decades, we’ve seen deadlier shootings at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Parkland.  That’s why there’s continued emphasis to make our schools safer.

    Shootings at schools are becoming all too common, but one of the first that sent shock waves across the country was at Columbine. Click the play button to view video. 

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  • What parents need to know about school lockdowns


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