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Q13: Bethel security upgrades

Q13: Inside an active shooter drill

  • Q13: Bethel Superintendent talks quest for school safety


    SPANAWAY, Wash. – This weekend marks 20 years since the Columbine High School shooting.  Over the last two decades, we’ve seen deadlier shootings at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Parkland.  That’s why there’s continued emphasis to make our schools safer.

    Shootings at schools are becoming all too common, but one of the first that sent shock waves across the country was at Columbine. Click the play button to view video. 


    What parents need to know about school lockdowns



     School Board studies new High-Quality Emergency Operations Plan

    Some students and staff can see the snow capped peak of Mount Rainier right outside their classroom windows. It’s a beautiful sight on a sunny day, but one that Bethel Risk Manager Lauren Lasater sees a bit differently.

    “That’s an active volcano outside our windows,” she said. “We sit on a fault line, and we have severe weather, like we saw just a few weeks ago, with the heavy snowfall. All that, along with man-made threats, should give us pause.”

    Bethel has always had plans in place for disasters of many kinds, but there has never been a comprehensive guide for principals and district leaders to utilize if the worst does happen. Click here to read more.