Getting READY! for Kindergarten

  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Kindergarten Targets for Children
    Language and Literacy

    • enjoy being read to and can retell a story
    • recognize and name 12-15 alphabet letters and their sounds
    • repeat beginning and ending sounds in words
    • speak in complete sentences
    • print his or her first name

    Math and Reasoning

    • count in order from 1 to 20
    • recognize numbers and quantities to 5
    • name and sort items by color, shape and size
    • understand concepts such as more, less, same, over, under, big and small

    Social and Emotional

    • settle into new groups and situations
    • concentrate on a task for 5 minutes
    • follow simple directions
    • show kindness and concern for others

    READY! for Kindergarten 2016/17
    Do you live within the Bethel School District? Are you the parent or guardian of a child between the ages of 2 to 5? Are you looking for guidance or assurance as you prepare your child for Kindergarten? If YES, then please sign up for our READY! for Kindergarten program!

    What is READY! for Kindergarten?
    READY! for Kindergarten is a series of 90-minute interactive classes that are designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 2 through 5. Our teachers will share materials and training so that learning at home is both fun and effective.

    When are classes available?
    Classes are typically offered several times throughout the year. Sessions for the 2016/17 school year will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m. First time attendees should arrive 30 minutes early to attend a required orientation to meet instructors and receive materials. Free childcare is provided at READY! for Kindergarten events.

    COMING SOON: 2016/17 Dates

    Why READY! for Kindergarten?
    Learning begins at home, and so does school readiness. From birth to age five, a child learns at a rate that is unmatched for the rest of his/her life. Reading, talking, playing, loving are essential for healthy brain development. Education studies confirm that the way children spend their time at home predicts success in school, not the family’s income or background.

    To register, visit Ready! for Kindergarten
    Questions? Call Ben McCracken 253.683.6919