• Attendance 

    Preschool encourages regular school attendance and records your child's attendance each day.  However, sick children do not belong in school, so if your child is ill, please keep him/her home.  Parents/guardians are expected to call preschool staff when their child is ill and will not be attending class that day or will be late to class.  Please call staff before class begins. 

    If parents/guardians do not call to report an absence, preschool staff will call to confirm the child's absence and note if it is excused or unexcused.  Attendance is monitored daily and follow-up will occur for extended absences or irregular attendance.  Every effort will be made by preschool staff to keep the child in preschool. After the fourth consecutive unexcused absence, a home visit to discuss attendance issues will occur with the parents/guardians.  After twenty consecutive absences your child will be withdrawn from the program. 

    Attendance Works.  Parents can build the habit of good attendance.  Click the language of choice to access the flyer for more information. 




    Child Illness
              Please keep your children home if:

    • They have a runny nose with green/yellow discharge.
    • They have a temperature of 100oF or more.
    • They are vomiting.
    • They have diarrhea.
    • They have an eye infection.
    • They have a sore throat, barking cough, or earache.
    • They are unusually tired, “not feeling good”, pale or lack of appetite.

      Safe Arrivals
      Your child's safe arrival to and from Preschool is very important to us. The procedures listed here will ensure safe arrival and departure.

      The preschool staff must release the student only to the adult(s) for whom written authorization has been given.  This information is maintained in the child's record.  In an emergency, if the child's parent or guardian has verbally authorized classroom staff or the transportation department to release the child to an individual not on the written authorization list, they may do so providing the individual has proper identification.  Only adults 18 and older may pick up a child from preschool.  If the staff member who releases the child does not know the adult, identification is required to assure the adullt is properly identified and is authorized to pick up the child. 

      All parents/guardians are expected to call the preschool when their child will be absent from class.  If the parent/guardian does not notify the staff of the absence, staff will contact the parent/guardian or emergency contact within 30 minutes of the start of class to confirm the child's absence. 

      It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to call transportation at 253 683 5900 if your child will not be at school. 

      If a parent/guardian transports a child they must deliver the child to the classroom or to a preschool staff member.   Preschool children may arrive within 5 minutes of their class start time and must be picked up within 5 minutes of the class's end time. 

      Children picked up at the preschool or at the bus stop will only be released to parents/guardians or persons designated in writing as having permission from the parent/guardian.

      Medication at School
      Only medications prescribed by a physician are to be administered at school.
      Medication must be in its original container from the pharmacy and the label must contain the following information:

      • Name of Student
      • Name of medication and dosage
      • Directions for giving and medication at school
      • Name of physician who prescribed the medication
      • Date medication was prescribed and expiration date

      At the end of the prescription time/expiration date, parents will be notified to pick up the medication and/or bring a current prescription if needed. Children cannot be in school if there is no current needed medication at school.
      A copy of the doctor's orders must also be brought in to create the student's health care plan before the student may start attending school.

      Dress Code
      Please dress your children in:

      • "Play clothes" and weather-appropriate clothing (i.e. warm clothes during cold weather)
      •  Tennis or close toed shoes (no slip-ons/flip-flops or high heels)