Student of the Month


    James McGimpsey
    2nd Grade
    Centennial Elementary

    Mrs. Barger selected James because of his positive attitude while working with others. He brings joy and kindness wherever he is. He shows such excitement for learning about his tribe as
    well as the tribes of the other students in our group. We ask each student to tell us a little about themselves. James is a part of the Makah tribe. His favorite subject in school is math. Some of his hobbies are to ride his bike and take care of his leopard gecko. When James was asked what has been his favorite part about being in the Native American Program he said, "learning about tribes." One thing he would like others to know about his tribe is that Neah Bay is by the ocean and from Neah Bay you can see Canada. Lastly, James was asked what does it mean to him to be Native American and he said, "It makes me feel good!"

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    7th Grader- Ava Lago
    Bethel Middle School

    Ava was selected by Mrs. Barger as middle school student of the month because she has jumped into middle school without fear or hesitancy. She works diligently to keep her grades up and
    shows that she has tremendous pride in her culture when attending our Title VI group meetings.

    Let's get to know Ava and learn more about her- I am part of the Puyallup tribe. In the spring I will play volleyball for my school, I have been playing volleyball for 5 years now. My favorite subject in school is ELA, specifically writing. Mr Magin and Mrs. Cronin are my favorite teachers. Some of my hobbies are skateboarding, skiing, wake surfing, and I like to paint every now and then. My favorite part about Native American Program is getting to learn about my culture, but also others. I want others to know that we aren’t necessarily the “protectors” of salmon but the fish itself is a huge part of our tribe. My biggest dream in life is to keep living, if I can do that and keep others happy, then I have succeeded. My favorite quote is “If we let others chose who we get to be or become, how will we be able to determine who we ever want to be?” And that quote is something I just thought of. It’s not from anyone I have ever heard, maybe there’s something similar, but it’s just something I choose to think about. One thing I wanted others to know is that it is an honor to be Indigenous, learning about the culture and getting to have lots of respect and most of all being close with other Natives together. If I could change one thing in the world, it would be people, and how much they choose to speak, people know how to speak, feel the need to respond to everything and everyone. People talk, it’s what they do best. But I wish what we could also do best is learn how to listen for once, just don’t say anything. Just listen, walk away. Do something more than just a response.

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    Ian Knowles
    Bethel High School

    Ian was selected by Mrs. Barger for student of the month because he has fought through much adversity since our shutdowns with COVID. Through the adversity he has found ways to persevere and show that school academics is important to his future goal of becoming a Marine. Overall, he has demonstrated maturity, dedication, and pride in himself as a student in the Native Program.

    Let's get to know Ian and hear more about him- I'm a part of the Northern Ute Tribe from the 4 corners of Colorado, but I know more of the culture of the Yakima tribe. My favorite subject is American History and my favorite teacher is Mr. Bland, the power sports teacher. My hobbies are cooking and baking. One of my favorite things about being in the Native American program is the support from Mrs.Barger. Something I want people to know about my tribe is that they were nearly wiped out during the American Indian Wars. After graduation my goal is to become a Marine. My favorite quote is from Johnny Cash when he says “Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt, and being real gets you hated." 

    To be honest I don’t really know what being Native means for me, my whole life I’ve had been raised how my dad was raised on the reservation. I didn’t realize how different my culture is from everyone else until I got into high school. Something I’m passionate about is music. If I could change one thing it would be politics, all they do is cause trouble but sometimes it’s
    not bad.

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