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  • Elementary Report Cards

    End of year report cards will be posted in Family Access for all elementary students. Parents will be able to obtain their student's report card beginning June 22.

    Please log in to Family Access here and verify all student information. Please ensure there is a valid email address on file for guardians in order to facilitate district communication with you throughout the summer.

    Family Access Brochure (English)

    Family Access Brochure (Spanish)

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    Middle and High School Grading 4-29-20

    The guidelines for grading during the COVID 19 public health emergency at the middle and high school levels in the Bethel School District have been finalized and are listed below. These guidelines align with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI’s) guidance for grading during remote learning.

    Middle school students will earn an A, B, C, or Inc. (incomplete) for all courses they are enrolled in. Teachers will determine and inform students what constitutes an A, B, C, or Inc. For students who receive an Inc., teachers may allow the student extra time to demonstrate competency on the standards. As middle school students progress into the 2020-21 school year, grades from this trimester will be used by teachers to develop lessons designed to meet student learning needs. Students enrolled in high school Algebra will follow the high school grading practices.

    High school students will receive an A, B, C, or Inc. (incomplete), for all courses they are enrolled in. Teachers will determine and inform students what constitutes an A, B, C, or Inc. Grades students earn will be based on the student’s demonstration of competency of the standards that have been modified for remote learning. Students who receive an Inc. will need to demonstrate competence on the required standards to convert the Inc. to a grade. This could include re-enrolling in the course, making plans with the teacher to allow the student extra time to demonstrate competency on the standards or, in unique circumstances, creating an alternative plan with a counselor/administrator to demonstrate meeting standards for the course to move the Inc. to an A, B, or C. Accommodations/modifications for grading and/or credits outlined in a student’s IEP will be honored.

    High school students in Bethel are completing an entire trimester of courses in the remote learning setting. We understand that the circumstances of the pandemic and the remote learning setting are creating challenges for many students and families. We want to encourage all students to make every effort they can to engage in their courses. However, for students who are not able to engage in their course work, we will work with them to assure they continue to be “on track” for graduation. A benefit to the newly implemented trimester system is current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will have flexibility in their schedule to re-enroll in a course where an Inc. is issued.

    If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your counselor, teacher, advisor, or a building administrator.


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  • Special Services Update 4-15-20

    I hope you are staying safe and finding ways to engage and connect as a family. We appreciate all you are doing to support your child’s learning experience during this stressful and challenging time. We are also thankful for the grace, patience, and flexibility you have extended to us as we respond to the latest information/guidelines coming from the State and Federal Governments. 

    As a district, we will continue to make adjustments and refine how educational experiences are brought to your child.

    The special services department is maintaining these four priorities as outlined by the state: 

    1. Focus on the safety, health, and welfare of students and staff members in your community
    2. Provide Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Deliver services to as many students as you reasonably can in the best way you know-how. 
    3. Make good faith efforts to provide services. 
    4. Compliance during the pandemic – the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was not built for this.

    It is our desire to continue to provide services with the focus on learning experiences for our students with disabilities and English Learner students. Unfortunately, the services we provide online cannot match what your child would receive in person, but we are committed to continuing to partner with you in your child’s education during these unusual times. 

    To ensure we are supporting you and your child's needs appropriately, we are looking for ways to gather information from you directly around the curriculum, technology, communication, and work that your child is in need of right now. To gather this information we have created a brief survey for you to complete.  

    Please click here to take the survey.

    Additionally, we would like to share the following information from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction regarding the recommended commitment for each day for online instruction: 

    • Pre - K = 30 minutes a day
    • Grades K - 1 = 45 minutes a day
    • Grades 2 - 3 = 60 minutes a day
    • Grades 4 - 5 = 90 minutes a day
    • Grades 6 - 8 = 20 minutes per class (2.5 hours  maximum per day)
    • Grades 9 - 12 = 30 minutes per class (3 hours maximum per day)

    We appreciate all you are doing and the understanding you have extended to us as we navigate through these challenging and difficult times that have changed the way we provide services to students. As always, your child’s safety and education are of paramount concern to us. It is our goal to ensure you have the latest information as it relates to this closure.

    Please take the time to respond to the survey so that we can continue our efforts to best serve your child and support your family. 

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  • Schools closed through end of 2019/20 school year

    Today, Governor Inslee announced that all schools in Washington will be closed for the remainder of the school year, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. During this closure, all schools in our district will remain closed.

    The extended closure raises many questions, which we are working to answer as quickly as possible. Here is what we know now:

    • Continuous learning using remote methods will be used through the end of the school year. We are committed to continuing to partner with families to support our students’ learning while they are at home.
    • High school seniors, and all other high school students, will continue to receive support on opportunities to earn and document credits they need to graduate.
    • We will continue to provide free meals at 8 locations in our district.
    • Child care will continue to be available in a limited capacity for children of first responders and health care workers. If your child is already enrolled in child care during school closures, you do not need to take further action to keep your spot.
    • All field trips and events, including sports, socials and dances, will be canceled during the extended closure. We are engaging with students to come up with creative alternatives to celebrate milestones and will keep families updated on these decisions so that you can plan to participate.
    • Decisions about graduation and other senior activities will be shared after students, principals and staff are able to provide input on how to move forward.

    Hoy, el gobernador Inslee anunció que todas las escuelas en Washington estarán cerradas por el resto del año escolar, a fin de frenar la propagación del coronavirus COVID-19. Durante este cierre, todas las escuelas en nuestro distrito permanecerán cerradas.

    El cierre extendido plantea muchas preguntas, las que estamos trabajando para responder lo más rápido posible. Esto es lo que sabemos hasta ahora:

    • El aprendizaje continuará siendo por métodos remotos (como el internet) hasta el final del año escolar. Nosotros nos comprometemos a seguir colaborando con las familias para apoyar el aprendizaje de nuestros estudiantes mientras están en casa.
    • Los estudiantes de último año y todos los demás estudiantes del bachillerato continuarán recibiendo apoyo académico para lograr alcanzar los créditos que necesitan para graduarse.
    • Continuaremos brindando comidas gratis en nuestros 8 puntos de distribución (localidades) del distrito.
    • El cuidado infantil seguirá estando disponible en una capacidad limitada para los hijos de los socorristas y los trabajadores de atención médica. Si su estudiante ya está inscrito en el cuidado infantil durante el cierre de la escuela, no necesita tomar más medidas para mantener su cupo.
    • Todas las excursiones y eventos, incluidos deportes, eventos sociales y bailes, se cancelan durante el cierre prolongado. Nos comprometemos con los estudiantes en crear diferentes alternativas para celebrar sus triunfos y mantener a las familias informadas sobre estas para así ser parte de ellas.
    • Las decisiones sobre la graduación y otras actividades para los estudiantes de último año de bachillerato se compartirán después de que los estudiantes, directores y el personal estén disponibles para brindar información sobre cómo avanzar.

    Las últimas actualizaciones se enviarán por correo electrónico a las familias y se publicarán en

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  • Special Education Update: 3-25-20


    Dear Parent,
    At the beginning of the school year, our special services team met to plan for the year, the theme of the
    meeting was Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.  Before one of the breaks, I asked staff to identify one of Mr.
    Rogers’s quotes that resonated with them and share why. One staff member chose this quote, “When I
    was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers.
    You will always find people who are helping’”.  This quote seems to be very appropriate at this time and
    one I have seen in many places. I am also seeing this in action in our district after the Governor closed
    schools from March 17 - April 24. We have multiple departments working in new and different ways in an
    effort to support our community while we hope to “flatten the curve” and slow this national crisis.
    With all crises, we know that there will be things we cannot control or have not anticipated and we ask
    from you a little grace while we identify the bumps and problem-solve solutions. We are in daily
    communication with multiple state agencies to ensure that we are following the most recent guidelines to
    keep everyone safe. Although these are unusual times, I am comforted by the many helpers I see
    pitching in to make a difference for the more vulnerable. 

    You and your child have begun to experience at-home learning.  We hope this is going well for you and
    your child. During this time please feel free to reach out to your child’s case manager or our office for
    support.  Last week we sent you a letter with our initial guidance. Over the last few days we have
    received additional information from the state and now feel better equipped to give you more detailed

    What will my child’s special education services look like during the closure?
    As long as school is closed for all students, special education services will be on hold. However, it is our
    desire to assist parents and caretakers in supporting their children during this time. With that purpose in
    mind, the district will be communicating ongoing learning opportunities that can be implemented at home.
    These learning opportunities are to be considered supplemental learning opportunities for students.
    Teachers and related service providers (SLP, OT, PT, TVI) will be available via email. Please reach out
    to your child’s teacher or related service provider if you have questions around how you can provide
    support for your child at home during the closure. Please keep in mind that staff may need to seek
    guidance prior to responding to your email so their response may be delayed slightly. 

    Will my child’s IEP or re-evaluation be completed if it is due during the closure?   
    Yes - It is our intent and the expectation of the state that we maintain timelines to the best of our ability
    during these unusual times. However, the meetings will be held in a manner that ensures social
    distancing to maintain the safety of all parties.  We are advising our staff to hold IEPs via conference
    calls, facetime or google hangouts.  Please work with your child’s case manager or our department for
    specific details on scheduling the IEP.

    How will the district determine the need for compensatory education and/or Extended
    School Year (ESY) services upon return to school after the closure?:
    We know there will be students that may be eligible for ESY or compensatory services.  We have asked
    all staff to update progress towards goals and we will review this data on a case by case basis once we
    return to school.  

    The following items will be reviewed when considering compensatory services: 
    1. Impact of days missed on student progress toward goal;
    2. IEP teams will review regression or loss of skill

    The following will be reviewed when considering ESY
    1. Regression of skills;
    2. Recoupment time of skills;
    3. Is the student at a critical point of learning.

    It is our goal to continue to communicate with you to ensure you have the latest information as it relates to
    this closure. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone if you have any questions or
    concerns.  We will get through this together if we remember to look for the helpers and ask ourselves
    what can we do to be a helper during this time. 


    Lori Haugen
    Executive Director of Special Services
    Bethel School District

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  • A Message from Superintendent Seigel: 3-24-20 

    Toms video

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  • School Closure Update: 3-18-20

    To help ensure the health and safety of our staff, all Bethel School District schools, offices, and facilities will be closed to the public starting at noon on Thursday, March 19 until further notice. The only exceptions will be the facilities being used to provide free meals and those being used for childcare for healthcare workers and first responders. The Community Health Care Clinic at the Bethel Learning Center will also continue their normal operating hours.

    To help enforce social distancing, many district staff will begin working remotely. Students and families will continue to be contacted by their teachers and school administrators.

    If you need to reach someone at the district office, please call 253-800-6000.

    Para ayudar a garantizar la salud y la seguridad de nuestro personal, todas las escuelas, oficinas e instalaciones del Distrito Escolar de Bethel estarán cerradas al público a partir de hoy jueves 19 de marzo a las 12 del día hasta nuevo aviso. Las únicas excepciones serán; las instalaciones que se utilizan para proporcionar comidas gratuitas y las que se utilizan para el cuidado de niños de trabajadores de la salud y de los socorristas. La Clínica de Atención Médica Comunitaria (Community Health Care Clinic) en el Centro de Aprendizaje Bethel también continuará con sus horas normales de operación.

    Para ayudar a reforzar el distanciamiento social, muchos miembros del personal del distrito comenzarán a trabajar de forma remota. Los estudiantes y las familias continuarán siendo contactados por sus maestros y administradores escolares.

    Si necesita comunicarse con alguien en la oficina del distrito, por favor, llame al 253-800-6000.


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  • Free Meals Available at 10 Bethel Schools

    Free meals are now available to ANYONE ages 1-18 through the end of the statewide school closure. These "grab and go" meals will include both lunch and breakfast for the following morning. Visit for locations and more details.


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  • School Closure Update: 3-17-20

    If your child qualifies for special education services, our special education department will be working to provide educational experiences that support your child’s growth.

    Per the Letter to Pergament, December 20, 2013, Office of Special Education Programs, “If the functioning or delivery of educational services is significantly disrupted for all or nearly all students due to an incident, then the school district is generally not required to provide services to the affected students eligible for special education during that same period of time that a school district is closed.”

    In an effort to provide some support to your child, we will be sending work home to assist in growth towards goals. Once we return, we will be monitoring their progress.

    We want to maintain timelines with IEPs and evaluations during this time. At this point in time we are still determining if we will be able to hold meetings at the school. We may have difficulty holding meetings with a full team.

    If you are comfortable allowing us to move forward without reconvening the IEP team, or if we have alternative attendance such as phone conferences, case managers will do the following:

    1. Ensure that all providers and general ed teachers have input into the IEP.
    2. Send a draft IEP home via email or mail.
    3. Arrange for a phone conference to discuss the IEP well in advance of the expiration date.

    Please contact the Special Services Office if you have questions. We appreciate your understanding of the changes we are forced to make as we navigate through these challenging and difficult times. As always, your child’s safety and education are of
    paramount concern to us.

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  • School closure update: March 13, 2020

    As you now know, Governor Inslee has canceled school for all districts in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties effective Tuesday, March 17th through April 24th. This closure includes all Bethel schools.

    The last day of school for students will be Monday, March 16. There are a lot more details to come, and we will keep you updated as new information becomes available. Here is the latest:

    STUDENT LEARNING RESOURCES AND ACTIVITIES: If you haven't already, you will be hearing from your teacher or school with more details on learning resources and activities for your student. These are not meant to be a substitute for classroom instruction but will help students practice their skills and learn independently during the closure.

    BREAKFAST AND LUNCH SERVICE: Access to breakfast and lunch service will continue throughout the closure. All school-age children through 18-years-old can receive meals for free. More details to come.

    CHILDCARE: Governor Inslee has directed us to provide childcare to health services personnel and first responders. If you fall into these two categories, have students currently enrolled in the Bethel School District ages 3-13, and need childcare during the closure, please email your contact information, child’s name and current school to We’ll be in contact with you regarding schedules and services. 


    SAT/ACT TESTING: The College Board has cancelled all testing in areas that are impacted by COVID-19.



    Como ya sabrán, el Gobernador Inslee ha cerrado todas las escuelas en los distritos escolares de los condados de King, Pierce y Snohomish a partir del martes, 17 de marzo hasta el 24 de abril. Este cierre incluye nuestras escuelas del Distrito Escolar de Bethel.

    El último día de clase para nuestros estudiantes será el lunes, 16 de marzo. Hay muchos detalles por venir, por eso los mantendremos informados a medida que la nueva información esté disponible. Aquí está lo último:

    RECURSOS Y ACTIVIDADES DE APRENDIZAJE DEL ESTUDIANTE: Si aún el maestro(a) o la escuela de su estudiante no se ha comunicado con usted, pronto lo hará para compartir más detalles sobre los recursos y actividades de aprendizaje que contará su estudiante durante las 6 semanas del cierre. Estos no están destinados a ser un sustituto de la instrucción en el aula, pero ayudarán a los estudiantes a practicar sus habilidades y aprender de forma independiente durante el cierre.

    SERVICIO DE DESAYUNO Y ALMUERZO: El acceso al servicio de desayuno y almuerzo continuará durante todo el cierre. Todos los niños de edad escolar hasta los 18 años pueden recibir comidas gratis. Más detalles por venir.

    CUIDADO INFANTIL: El Gobernador Inslee nos ha ordenado que tengamos disponible el cuidado de niños para el personal de servicios de salud y socorristas. Si usted pertenece a una o ambas categorías y  tiene estudiantes entre las edades de 3 a 13 años actualmente matriculados en nuestro Distrito Escolar de Bethel y necesita cuidado para ellos durante el cierre, por favor, envíenos su información a la dirección con el nombre del niño(s) y el nombre de la escuela a la que pertenece. Nosotros nos pondremos en contacto con usted para informarle sobre los horarios y servicios.


    PRUEBAS SAT/ACT: El College Board ha cancelado las pruebas en todas las áreas afectadas por el virus COVID-19.


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  • School Closure update: March 12, 2020

    All Bethel schools closed starting Tuesday, March 17

    Today, Governor Inslee has canceled school for all school districts in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties effective Tuesday, March 17th through April 24th. This closure includes all Bethel schools.

    The last day of school for students will be Monday, March 16.

    You may notice some school districts are closing as of this Friday. We have chosen to follow the Governor’s direction to give our families an additional day to plan for this difficult transition. If you choose to keep your student home on Friday or Monday, the absence will be excused.

    We want to encourage parents, students, and staff to retrieve medication and other essential personal items that they need to have with them before schools are closed.

    We are finalizing plans to support our families during the closure in the following ways:
    Providing meals to our students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals.
    Providing learning support materials and online learning resources. These are not meant to be a replacement for classroom instruction, but will help students practice their skills and learn independently during the closure.

    We will be sending updates with information and resources via robocall, email, and text messages. We will also post them on our district website:


    Hoy el gobernador Inslee ha cancelado todas las escuelas a partir del martes 17 de marzo hasta el 24 de abril, para todos los distritos escolares en los condados de King, Pierce y Snohomish.

    Este cierre incluye todas las escuelas de Bethel.

    El último día de clases para nuestros estudiantes será el lunes 16 de marzo.

    Puede notar que algunos distritos escolares están cerrando a partir de este viernes. Hemos elegido seguir las instrucciones del Gobernador para dar a nuestras familias un día adicional y planear esta difícil transición. Si elige mantener a su estudiante en casa el viernes y/o lunes, la ausencia será excusada.

    Queremos animar a los padres, estudiantes y al personal del distrito a recoger todos medicamentos y otros artículos personales esenciales antes de que cierren las escuelas el 17 de marzo.

    Estamos finalizando los planes para apoyar a nuestras familias durante el cierre de la siguiente manera:

    · Proporcionar comidas a nuestros estudiantes que califican para comidas gratis o de precio reducido.

    · Además de los recursos de aprendizaje en línea, nuestro plan es proporcionar materiales de apoyo para el aprendizaje. Estos no están destinados a ser un sustituto de la instrucción en el aula, pero ayudarán a los estudiantes a practicar sus habilidades y aprender independientemente durante el cierre de la escuela.

    · Enviaremos actualizaciones con información y recursos a través de robocall, correo electrónico y mensajes de texto. También los publicaremos en nuestro sitio de internet:

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