• Step One: 

    Go to www.Bethelsd.org 

    Step Two: 

    Click on the Blue box with a Shopping Cart that reads "Payments and Purchases."
    Hint: This can be found on this page at the bottom of this page and on your school page. 


    Step Three: 

    Log in to your student account. 

    Username: 0123456 (Leading zero + lunch account number)
    Password: Hight (Students with 2 last names will use ONLY their first last name, Last name is Capital First Letter, Lowercase remaining letters.)


    Step Four: 

    Confirm the name and school are correct. 

    Step 4

    Step Five: 

    Select items at students' school. 

    step 5

    Step Six: 

    You can pay for any items that your school store has set up at this time like ASB, School Swag, and Sports. To pay for iPad coverage, select the iPad coverage hyperlink. 

    step 6

    Step Seven: 

    Please choose to Buy or Decline the Optional iPad Coverage. To receive an iPad, you must select one option. If you decline, you can buy coverage later, but you must surrender the iPad to your school librarian before coverage is accepted. If you decline iPad coverage, you are responsible for the entire replacement costs of the iPad. (Note: Options for free or reduced lunch are available as well as options to pay online instead of cash or check.)

    step 7

    Step Eight: Check Out 

    Select the "checkout" link with the shopping cart. 

    step 8

    Step Nine: Confirm Cart 

    Confirm all items you wish to purchase are in the cart and select the blue Checkout Step 1: Additional Information button. 

    Step 9

    Step Ten:  Hold Harmless and Coverage information

    Click the blue hyperlink and read both the Hold Harmless and the iPad coverage documents. After you have read the documents, initial in the boxes given, then select the blue button, "Continue to Step 2: Payment.

    step 10

    Step 11:  Payment 

    If you have selected pay by card, you can do this option now. Some schools offer payment by check/cash at school option for payment. 

    Step 12:  Receipts 

    If it is up to 2 days before your school is giving you iPads, you must have a receipt. If you do not save or print during purchase, you can go to "reprint receipts." Select the "view" hyperlink. All receipts for your student's academic career. 

    step 12