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    What is BVA?

    Bethel Virtual Academy is a highly independent and self paced K-12 online program, taught by Bethel School District’s certificated teachers. The majority of the students attending BVA will be considered full-time students, however students enrolled in Running Start or Pierce County Skill Center can take the classes they need outside those programs with BVA. 

    BVA is split into two categories: K-5, and 6-12 to better meet the unique needs of each group.  


    Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning

    Synchronous Asynchronous
    • Together with a class or a group at the same place
    • Individualized
    • Teacher directed
    • Learning takes place at a learner's pace


    Remote Learning vs. Virtual Learning 

    Remote Learning Virtual Learning
    • Teacher directed
    • Teacher supported
    • More direct instruction
    • Instruction via Edgenuity or Canvas
    • Set schedule for classes
    • Students (or learning coach) set schedule
    • Synchronous during class
    • Asynchronous learning
    • Asynchronous learning at designated times
    • Zoom supports for students from teachers


    If you have questions, please email bva_elementary@bethelsd.org or BVA_Secondary@bethelsd.org or call 253-800-3100.  

BVA Informational Sessions

BVA Informational Sessions

A Message from our Principal

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