Personal Devices

  • SMS Personal Devices Expectations

    Spanaway Middle School encourages all students to keep their personal electronic devices at home. Too often these devices are used to distract students and disrupt their learning.

    In order to maintain the integrity of the classroom and order in our school, we will be confiscating these devices in the school building.

    Occasionally, students may be allowed to use personal devices with a specific staff member’s permission. Failing to get specific permission from the supervising staff member, using the personal device without permission, or creating a disruption with the device that is inappropriate to the learning environment will result in the item being confiscated and students may lose future use privileges.

    Any staff may ask students to turn off, put away, or hand over a personal device, and students are expected to respectfully comply.

     The first time a student has a device confiscated, they may pick it up after school. Any other time, the item will only be able to be picked up, in person, by a parent/guardian.

    Please keep cellphones out of the classroom! The only electronic devices permitted in classrooms are district-issued iPads.

    The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices, nor will they investigate the potential theft of such devices.

    Remember : Spanaway Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal devices.


    Bethel School District policy regarding personal devices can be found here: Policy 3254